Friday, December 18, 2009

'Total Eclipse of the Heart'

... and that pretty much sums up this new novel by Zane. There are some books that you read, and then there are some books that read you. The last time I felt emotional about a Zane book was `Nervous'. Now I know some of y'all might be saying, "why your stupid tail getting all emotional over an erotic book"? Well, after I punched you in the face I would say "read this book first and THEN ask me that question". I swear Zane needs to teach a class on what it takes to write a book because she gets it right (again) with this one. Yeah, it has all of the insanely hot sex that Zane is known for; matter of fact the way this book starts is enough to have you running and jumping into a bathtub full of ice. As with all of her novels, Zane has created characters that you will love AND hate. Patrick. Patrick, Patrick, Patrick. And Carleigh... her idiot antics made my gall bladder hurt. Zane creates the perfect blend of drama, sex, humor, and strikingly real life situations... almost too real if you want the plain truth about it. Not quite sure how Zane blends the serious drama and the melting sexuality so perfectly... but she does. I loved how she used the different type of eclipses to introduce the sections of her book. This story brings up some serious questions about relationships and what we do or do not settle for. Is the person you're with your real soul mate? Are you in a relationship because you're scared of quitting and starting a new one, even if the one you are in is abusive? Is it possible to find your soul mate AFTER you've been married? Entertaining, powerful, randy, and insightful, `Total Eclipse' is a perfect way for you to closeout your 2009 reading season.

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