Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I ended 2009 with Rollins and I start 2010 with Preston. Not a bad seven days if you ask me. This book had a "weird" feel for me. While it wasn't a full throttle, in your face, non-stop thrill ride... it was extremely hard to put down. I guess the best way for me to describe it is; instead of a "quickie", you get to savor the goodness all. night. long. There it is, in all of my ancient wisdom. Did I enjoy this book? Immensely. I'm not usually a fan of space, black holes, and extra-terrestrials, but Preston wrote this story in such a way that it wasn't too sci-fi. Actually, not sci-fi at all.

Douglas does a very good job of setting up the characters to have you believe one thing, and then BAM!! Out of nowhere... insanity gives you a little snicker. I especially loved the secret black-ops stuff in here, and the ever so slight sexual tension between Abbey and Jackie. And like I said earlier, I appreciated the fact that Douglas threw a ton of science in this story but didn't make it too far "out there".

I don't believe there is life on Mars, but I do enjoy stories that at least get me to question my way of thinking. Out of the thousands of books that have already come out, I'm glad 'Impact' was my first book of 2010. If I had to predict my reading future based on this book, I'd say I was off to a pretty good start.

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