Tuesday, January 26, 2010

'Transfer of Power'

Once again, I was in one of my "this happens way too often book funks" when I decided to read this one by Mr. Flynn. This man has been called every synonym for "thriller" there is, so I won't bore you with adding to it. The only thing I can say about this book is... DAMN. The premise itself seems totally ridiculous and WAAAAY over the top: terrorist take over the White House and a super-agent is sent in to get it back and save the President. Heck, even as I type that it seems comical! And in my hands it would have been, but in Vince's... the story hums along like the Concord. Mitch Rapp again brings his special brand of terrorist-killing and USA-protecting, while dancing around the idiot politicians who want to do EVERYTHING except the right thing when it comes to guarding the United States against the unmistakable and obvious hatred from terrorist cowards. I think I enjoy Vince's books so much because I really hope that we have guys like Mitch Rapp working deep-deep-deep undercover to keep American unmolested from the pathetic lowlifes who want to see us dead. Lord knows we have enough `Vice President Baxter's' in our government to make me puke food I ate in 1986. The adrenaline, the action, the backroom politics, the weapons, the honor among our military, the secret intelligence, the fun... yeah... Mitch is the man and Vince is the man behind the man. Party on Garth!

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