Friday, February 19, 2010

'Mistress of Rome' by Kate Quinn

I saw this book at the SCIBA in October 2009 and it seemed to be calling me for a number of reasons. I love reading historical-fiction books that focus on Rome, I was looking for a good historical-fiction book to read, and… it was free! :-) Game, set, match!! Now when I read historical-fiction books I usually read cats like Conn Iggulden, Simon Scarrow, James Duffy, Scott Oden, and David Gemmell. I need a certain “literary carnage” and blood on the pages. Lots of violence, lots of gore, and lots of killing. While this book didn’t have the over-the-top stuff I look for in a historical-fiction novel, this book did have EXACTLY what I was looking for in an historical-fiction novel. Doesn’t make sense does it? Trust me, it does.

I was immediately drawn to Arius because of his in-your-face brutality and “who give a crap” attitude. While this entire book was very good, I did find myself becoming impatient when I wasn’t reading about him. Lepida Pollia was one of those special book characters that you can love, loathe, adore, and hate all at the same time. Kate did an excellent job of giving us diehard fans just enough of Roman carnage and brutality, while putting just the right amount of romance to appease “that”crowd. Not that there is anything wrong with “that” crowd (I’ll wait while you run and get the rotten tomatoes). :-)

Kate blends Roman life, Roman debauchery, Roman bloodlust, Roman lust-lust Roman politics, and Roman life in a story that entertaining and intriguing. Now comes the hard part… waiting for the sequel and the prequel! *sigh*… THANKS Kate!

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