Saturday, February 6, 2010

'The Ark'

Once again I must thank Wendy from Simon & Schuster for sending me another (awesome) book. This one caught my attention in an e-mail that was sent out a few weeks back. Biblical history, sounds good. A discovery that could end mankind, even better. High suspense and non-stop action, oh you got me now! I got the book in the mail, turned it over and the entire back was fully of accolades from authors like; Douglas Preston, Steve Berry, and James Rollins. Getting an endorsement from these guys is like Paula Deen saying “damn, you can cook”!

Like a good thriller, this one catches you from the beginning and does not let up. I’m always intrigues when an author “takes on” the Bible and some of its teachings. For the record I do believe the Bible 100% but that doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy a contrasting viewpoint from time to time. It won’t change my faith. I was wondering what angle Boyd would play and I must say that even I was surprised when I found out what the “flood” really was. The villains are plenty mean and the good guys are chiseled muscle with a healthy sense of humor.

There are a few places in this story that remind you that this is his first book however. Certain things wrapped up a little too nice and fit a little too perfect. In spite of those few hiccups, this book is a serious thrill ride with words. I don’t like when books like this are compared to ‘The DaVinci Code’ because it paints a certain stereotype that isn’t fair to the author and creates an impossible mountain to overcome. This book doesn’t need to be compared to anything because it can stand on its own. If you’re looking for a literary recipe that includes a dash of something Biblical, a sprinkle of something historic, a pinch of something engrossing, and a smatter of something fun then I would say this should be the next book on your menu.

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