Tuesday, March 23, 2010

'Known To Evil'

"Walter Mosley writes like he’s the only author in a world full of readers”.

In a world of overused superlatives; Walter Mosley stands out as TRUE recipient of the word 'genius' and any other accompanying synonyms. I get nervous when writing a review for one of Mosley’s books because I feel like a third grader standing in front of the ‘Mona Lisa’ and being told to critique it. So instead of trying to wrack my brain, write something profound or critique the work of a word-smith master... I'll just tell you how much I enjoyed this book (that kind of IS the purpose of a review, huh?).

Leonid is a poor man’s private eye. And like any good private eye, he has people on the good (and bad side) of the law, and the good (and bad side) of society. He's like a modern day mercenary, a gun for hire, a man's-man when you're in a pinch... a professor in philosophy for the street. Leonid is caught up in another octopus-type mystery. I say “octopus-type” because there are a LOT of characters and a LOT going on within the streets of New York. Come to think of it, New York is probably the only city with enough chutzpah to handle Leonid AND Mr. Mosley. Leonid’s personal life is convoluted. Leonid’s professional life is convoluted. Together they create a labyrinth of shady characters, bad cops, loose women, and nocturnal friends.
The brilliance of ‘Known to Evil’ is that it makes the classic black-n-white mystery noir seem brand new. While at the same time, continues to concretes Walter Mosley as a living literary legend. Most of us strive to leave a mark on this world by the time we die. With Leonid, Mosley is starting on his second Grand Canyon.

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