Monday, March 8, 2010

'Making the Hook Up'

Delicious. Like warm caramel on a taunt, yet supple body. The first two minutes after a tsunami orgasm. Beads of sweat on parts of your body that you didn’t know that COULD sweat. Emotional fornication. If sex, lust, and words had a ménage a trios that produced child, this book would be it. I read a lot of erotic collections and it’s darn near impossible to find one where every story is one to savor. This one, however, comes tantalizing close.

The first story sets the tone because it is, quite simply, the best* in this book. From the set-up, to the story, to the negotiated sex, to the finish. Oh to be a strobe light in THAT van! I put an "*" next to 'best' because there is another story in here that is absolutely extraordinary! 'Stranger in the Water' is one of those special short stories that you
wish would go on forever. And surprisingly it's not about the sex. Oh it's in there all right, but this story... this story... you feel. This story, you crave. If there was a better way for me to describe it, I would. But I can't. 'Dangerous Comfort' is one of those 'oh why can't that ever happen to me' stories. Loved it. 'Lonnie's Licks' made me squirm and 'Irresistible' made me fidget.

'All Day' had me thinking there was NO WAY I could do that, no way I would even try. 'A Taste of Tyrell' was just plain sexy! Yes, there were a couple stories that I skipped because, while being sexually free, I'm not into EVERYTHING :-) Cole Riley has done a magnificent job of putting together a truly hot erotic collection.

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