Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I won this book in a contest by the author and I couldn’t WAIT to start reading it. This is an extremely sexual book with a LOT going on. The four main characters; Valencia, Teela, Miki, and Brandi are women with the sexual appetites of a man. No, scratch that… they have the sexual appetite of a man who has been imprisoned on a desert isle for eight years, while being fed a diet of Viagra, Levitra and oysters, being forced to watch (while handcuffed) Ebony Ayes and Ron Jeremy.

The title of this book is the perfect one for this story because it is a perfect definition of these women. Reading about the lives of these four women is very voyeuristic and sexual. Unfortunately, all of the sex they experience is not the “good” kind. A lot of it is painful, risky, dangerous, mindless, and self-induced. I think the author was trying to do two things: 1. I think she was trying to tell a story, and 2. I think she was trying to show us how real and devastating sexual addiction can be. The only problem with trying to do both in a fictional story was that; when she started talking about the ‘serious’ part of the story, it really slowed down.

It was kind of like I was in a Sex-Ed class taught by a naked Gabrielle Union and then right before she demonstrates how she gives herself an orgasm, in walks a very old and very wrinkled Lynn Hamilton (Donna from ‘Sanford & Son’) to take over the class. I get what Pynk was trying to do, but I found myself speed-reading through these parts because I didn’t want to hear all that.

Everyone one of the main characters has a sexual monkey on their back and while its fun to read about their exploits, you do feel sorry for them once you really get into the story. The saying goes “Everything that glitters aint always gold”. Well having a girlfriend who can’t get enough may not be all that it’s cracked up to be either. I know… hard to believe :-) but read this book and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Pynk doesn’t hold back on the drama or the sex. You’ll get a healthy dose of both, right in your face so be prepared. If you haven’t read anything by Pynk, ‘Sexaholics’ just might just make you a ‘Pynkaholic’.

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