Tuesday, March 9, 2010

'Werewolf Smackdown'

Like most of you (book lovers) my stack of `books I need to read' list is as long as Kim Kardashian `guys I've slept with' list. So because of this, I haven't read Mario Acevedo's work in a couple years. After reading this book I felt so stupid! Not normal everyday "I locked my keys in the car stupid"; but rather an "a Blonde got an AM radio for Christmas and it took her ten months to figure out she could use it at night" stupid! During one of my numerous temper tantrum throwing/whining 'I can't find anything to read' phases, I should have picked up one of Mario's books and had my problem solved.

I became a fan while reading 'Nymphos of Rocky Flats' because Felix is my kind of vampire. He enjoys (immensely) the carnal pleasures, is an unapologetic smart-ass, and enjoys the carnal pleasures WHILE being an apologetic smart-ass! He's not some pretty metro sexual, sparkle-in-the-daytime, scamper up trees shirtless vamp. Naw, Felix is a character that stands out in a crowd of characters. If you want a foo-foo vampire, please take your Edward vs. Jacob, half soy half chai latte drinking cadaver someplace else. This here book is for grown folks.

Felix is tangled up in another vampirific mess, and while I've missed a couple books, I was immediately drawn back into a hypnotic reading trance that only Felix could cast. I mean come on... the first page you have a clan alpha werewolf talking to a vampire while holding up the decapitated head of a werewolf! And true to form, Felix gets off a smart-ass remark by paragraph two. He's been 'recruited' to help this clan werewolf figure out his place as ruler of the clans and to help prevent a war between warring werewolf factions. Problem is he shouldn't be. Vampires don't meddle in the affairs of werewolves and vice versa. But the numerous powers that be aren't satisfied with minor things say like; tradition and ancient unbroken clan rules. Quest for power trumps all right?

So, Felix is thrust talons first into some of the seediest and backstabbing manusha this side of Washington D.C. And, oh yes, there is blood! Blood, pain, hot rancid meat, delicious salty b-positive filling the stomach, and some rather sexy (yet disturbing) wolf on vampire sex. Having all this take place in Charleston, SC is an added bonus. Growing up there and having family from there I was down there all too often, but I got a tiny kick out of knowing exactly where Felix was. It was just as I remember it; minus the dryad's, six foot hairy beasts, and I'm certain I don't remember a gangster vampire. But maybe that's just me.

I usually also avoid books that deal with the supernatural element. Vamps and Weres are OK, but that other sorcery mumbo jumbo to me is like Mike Tyson and a dictionary; it just doesn't mix. But I'm ok when Mario does it. It's not too much, it's not over the top, it's in there but it doesn't dominate the story. What does dominate is Felix's antics, the supernatural action, the blood filled scenes, and Mario's demented yet enviable talent. I shall not make the mistake again of having Mario's books getting lost in the lost library of Frost.

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