Monday, April 12, 2010

'Blood Oath' Contest!

Jason’s ‘Blood Oath’ Contest

1. Who was the only President to pardon a “blood-sucker”?
2. Name at least three “traditional” ways to kill a vampire.
3. Which President had the nickname “Old Hickory”?
4. Into which creatures can a vampire turn? Name at least two.
5. Name the sixth and ninth Presidents of The United States.
6. What sadistic, torturous real-life leader was known as the first living “vampire”?
7. Name at least three ‘traditional’ ways to protect yourself from vampires.
8. President Obama is our 44th President. There have been, however, only been 43 men that actually held that position. What is the discrepancy?
9. According to this fantastic Biblical tale, whose wife is considered the first female vampire?
10. Eleven Presidents have had unsuccessful attempts made on their life. Name four.

How many words can you make from the word “Transylvania”?
Google or DRAW me a picture of what your version of a vampire looks like.


The winner will be the person who gets the most questions correct and has the most words created out of “Transylvania”. If you have all the questions correct but have fewer words than someone else, you lose. If you have a lot of words but fewer correct questions than someone else, you lose. The winner will be the person that has the most words AND correct answers. In the unlikely event of a tie, both winners will receive a copy of ‘Blood Oath’ by Chris Farnsworth.

Send entries to or drop off a printed version at Russo’s Books in The Marketplace.


1. Winners must be from Bakersfield, CA because they will have to pick up the book in two weeks or forfeit the prize.
2. The prize will be an advanced copy of ‘Blood Oath’ by Christopher Farnsworth.
3. Prize must be picked up within two weeks or it will be forfeited and the runner-up will win the prize.
4. Winner will be notified via e-mail.
5. This contest is being done by Jason Frost, NOT Russo’s Books!! If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to me.
6. The contest will stay open until someone wins.
7. The deadline for this contest will be 12 AM April 27, 2010.
8. Entries must be in BEFORE 12 AM April 27, 2010. Any entries turned in after this time and date will not be eligible for this contest.
9. Any questions please feel free to contact Jason Frost (rubiconreader) at
10. Only one entry per person/per e-mail.
11. Entries can be mailed to or you may print out this form and drop it off at Russo’s Books – 9000 Ming Avenue – I-4 – Bakersfield, CA – 93311
12. Answers will be posted on my blog after I announce the winner. My blog address is:

And don’t forget to come out and meet Chris Farnsworth as he signs copies of his book

Russo’s Books

Saturday, June 26, 2010

1 PM – 3 PM

**To receive a copy of this contest along with the rules on Microsoft Word, send a blank e-mail to

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