Wednesday, April 7, 2010

'Blood Oath'

First, a short story: I was going to our inventory room and the lady that works there holds this book up and says “hey Jason, look at this one”. My honest to goodness first reaction was, “oh goodness, not ANOTHER Vampire book”! I took the book anyway (hey, no one said I was bright) and … BAM!!! Whoever wrote the short synopsis on the back should get a raise because THAT was what hooked me. I took it home and finished it in three days. That isn’t easy with my crazy busy life but I did it! And I’m glad I did!

This book is the most fun I’ve had reading so far this year. Really. As fantastic as a 140 year old Secret Service vampire who has been sworn to protect the President story can sound, nothing about this story was fantastic. Except it WAS fantastic! If you’re looking for that “holy crap this book has everything book” book, then I can not recommend this book more. The action is in this book’s DNA, the blood and gore are its red blood cells, but the oxygen that keeps it alive is the story. At the beginning of most of the chapters we are treated to small bits (sorry for the pun) of the ‘Presidents Vampire Manual’. Here we learn about the secrets, the history, the strengths, and the weaknesses of Cade. Utterly fascinating!

We first meet Cade in Kosovo battling terrorists for the US. I know, I know, you’ve heard it all before. But ooooooh my dear reader you couldn’t be MORE wrong! We quickly learn that terrorists are BY FAR not even in the same breath of evil as some of the things Cade has had to fight. 99% of the time I shy away from books that deal in the supernatural because I just don’t like it. But there is that 1% that makes me a believer. ‘Blood Oath’ is in that 1%. And what would a Presidential Vampire be without a nemesis? And we get a good one y’all. Konrad. That name means nothing to you if you haven’t read this book… but it will when you wake up screaming, begging the imps of hell to put you out your misery.

The author does a magnificent job of telling a stunning story that will drag you kicking and shrieking well past your bedtime. This is one of those “real” vampire novels here people. Nothing frilly or lacy here. Testosterone abounds a-plenty and wimpy can only be found in one of them red, blue and green books. As bad as I want to go on, I feel if I say anymore I’ll just be gushing… and since I’m not a young girl on prom night… (OK, one more thing: I loved everything about this book. There. I’m done)!


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