Monday, May 3, 2010

'Blue-Eyed Devil' by Robert B. Parker

A conversation between my ego and my id about this book:

Rubicon: “… you like this book”?

Jason: “I did”.

Rubicon: “What about it you like”? A lone tumbleweed passes between us as we sit in front of a worn down, empty saloon.

Jason: “When Virgil kills a man he don’t make a speech. Or brag. He don’t say much. Gotta ‘spect a man for that.”

Rubicon: “You don’t say much. Why”?

Jason: “S’pose, don’t have much to say”.

Rubicon: “Think the world will miss Robert B. Parker”? Jason thinks about this for a long while. So long in fact that I almost forgot I asked the question.

Jason: “Reckon they better”. I wait because years have honed me to his tone, his inflections. He wasn’t yet done.

Jason: “Too many writers now-a-days. Too many people with free time and a pen. Too many damn words that don’t tell anything”. (Another pause as he looks across the dusty, empty street). “Parker could speak more in one sentence that most folks could write in an entire book”.

I keep silent. That’s the most I done heard Jason talk, at one time mind you, in the seventeen years that I’ve known him. Once he sighs I know I can continue.

He does.

I do.

Rubicon: “Think they’ll be another like him”?

Jason: “Reckon not”.

Rubicon: “Wanna’ visit the hoar house”?

Jason: “Reckon so”. He smiles. I grin.

No, this wasn’t your ordinary review because Mr. Parker wasn’t your ordinary writer. Parker wasn’t just a guy with stories to tell. Stories that needed to be told, sought out Mr. Parker to tell them. And the magic of his storytelling was that he didn’t need a lot of words to do it. His brevity of words carries the power of a sawed-off shotgun. Our boys, Hitch and Cole, are back; and they are still as deadly and lethargic as ever. They are an impossible blend of Billy the Kid, Buddha, and Niche. ‘Blue-Eyed Devil’ is a brilliant continuation of ‘Appaloosa’, ‘Resolution’, and ‘Brimstone’. It was also nice to see a number of characters make cameos to help Hitch and Cole raise a little hell. OK, a LOT of hell.

This is a series where you definitely want to start with the first one because… well… Hitch and Cole are such powerful characters that you need to start off with the beer version before you start pulling shots of corn liquor. Sunset, saddle, and sage. Tipping my hat to you Mr. Parker…

ISBN - 9780399156489

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