Sunday, May 2, 2010

'Deliver Us From Evil' by David Baldacci

There are a lot of stupid questions floating out there in the psyche of American minds. Is the sun hot? Was Michael Jordan the best ever? Was Ray Charles blind as a bat? Is Kim Kardashian a hoochie mamma? Can David Baldacci write his ass off? Every single one of these can be answered with a big ole' fat YES!! 'Deliver Us from Evil' is another reason why! The thrilling and unstoppable action on these pages is breathtakingly unbelievable. I almost hate to put the word 'thrilling' in there because it makes it sound like a flippin’ roller-coaster. So let's try some others: *Ahem*: 'Deliver Us from Evil' was (choose two) highly charged, engaging, exhilarating, gripping, heart-stopping, maddening, mind-blowing, sensational, and thrilling (sorry).

This book is a stunning piece of work that only cements Mr. Baldacci as one of the reining authors of the “thrill read”. I’m a sucker for vigilante justice and getting rid of aberrant evil, minus the courts. Oh courts have their place, yes. But not when it comes to Nazi’s and other cowardly terrorist roaming the earth. The main characters and group in this book feel the exact same way. And they spend their lives hunting down and decimating the Nazi’s who made the lives of six million others, a pure living hell. I do warn you that Baldacci does not hold back on the extremely graphic description of torture, mutilation, and violence. So prepare yourself for a trip that your brain and mental pain receptacles will not want you to take.

Should you proceed, you will be taken on a terrific trip of revenge, blood, pain, heroism, hunger, desolation, and finally, redemption. I’ve read a number of VERY good books so far this year and this is definitely in the stratosphere of the best.


My take on the idiot “$9.99 campaign”.

If any of you posted a review on this book because you were mad at the price of the Kindle version, you are pathetic. Actually there are not words enough to insult you and not enough curse words to spew at you for being so incredibly and exponentially stupid! If Amazon is going to look the other way as you degrade another man’s hard work because you are too cheap to pay more than $10, then they can look the other way while I call you out. There are UNLIMITED discussion boards all over the web for you to cry and moan over this. Catch a ride on the small yellow bus and take your whining there. Please. To give this book… any book… a one-star rating because you feel that you are OWED a $9.99 tome. Wow. I’ve seen smarter people on ‘I am Sam’.

Unfortunately I fear my words will be wasted on you because if you are stupid enough to rate a book based on the price set by SOMEONE else, then you are probably too stupid to understand what I’m saying. What’s more embarrassing is the fact that big-box faceless Amazon allows this. But why am I not surprised when the faceless teams up with the brainless? Stop crapping on art plebes. What you are doing to this author and author’s like this is unfair, wrong, and extremely dishonest. People come to Amazon to shop and to read reviews by people who have actually READ the book or used the product. They didn’t come to hear you and your ilk scream and cover your face in ash because you have some bone to pick with Amazon. Grow up. If you don’t want to pay more than $9.99 for a book, then don’t. Shop the web until you find the price you want. But stop degrading work that isn’t yours because you feel that capitalism turns your stomach.

I do understand part of your frustration though. Like most lemmings, you followed the crowd, jumped on the one-trick-pony-Kindle-bandwagon, and wasted almost $300 on an inferior device that can only read books. Then you got duped when Amazon snatched that one book was on there illegally, now they are reading your highlights, AND they aren’t standing by their promise to give you the Kindle version of books (that aren’t theirs by the way) for the embarrassing price of $9.99. Therefore, while I completely disagree with your anger, I do see WHY you would be angry. (not). Freedom of speech is an amazing thing to have. However, use the proper venue and stop crapping on another’s work just because you feel you have a bone to pick with your master. To do this on a book that sucks is bad enough. To do this on a book that will probably make every Top 5 list for 2010 just adds to the madness!

Ugh, I’m done. Talking to you guys makes me feel like I need a shower. (Anyone seen my Zest)?


  1. Enjoyed reading your commentary, though I do not agree on all of the points made.

    For many of us on limited incomes these days, it's not about the intrinsic value of the book, it's about what I can afford to pay. I would love to see all my favorite authors fat and happy in the royalty department because, I feel, they earned it. Plus, selfishly, I hope they'll be able to spend more time writing more wonderful things for me to read.

    Tom Dulaney

  2. Being on a limited income has nothing to do with rating a book based on price, and that is my beef. That's not my argument at all. I think people who rate a book based on price are idiots, because the author has nothing to do with that!!! If you go on eight different sites looking for the same book, you'll find EIGHT different prices. This issue should be taken up with Amazon, the people actually pricing the book and not with the author. I don't see what the problem with that is.