Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Flexin & Sexin 2

If you’re looking for the “sophomore flop” on Volume 2 of this series, you will be sorely disappointed. This one takes off just as grimy and dirty as the first one, and that is completely because Erick S. Gray pops it off. If Erick’s regular books hit you, then these short stories will make you feel like your first name is Rihanna and your last name is Tina Turner. What he need to do is quit teasing me with these few pages and hook a brotha’ up with a full grown book! Again, all the stories (minus one) in this collection are on point and every one… Every. One. has a twist that will make you go “DA-YYUUMM”!

This collection is like a cross between South Central and Magic City. Expect pain. Expect brain. Enough gangsta and booty to make Nino Brown cry and Supahead sigh! My quick thoughts on the short stories:

‘Hit ‘Em Up 2’: read paragraph 1

‘Moving Weight’: never trust a big ----- and a smile. And for crying out loud, never think that you can out hustle a hustler.

‘Butta Love’: you only read about strip clubs like this in books (oh wait…). Trust and believe that women can be just as freaky AND nasty as men!! And men can be as nasty as women when scorned…

‘The Breath Taker’: cyber-sex gone WAY wrong! Way, way, way, way, way wrong!

‘House of Sin’: “I’m only stripping to pay off a few bills”. Ok dude, whatever. Think you’d be happy with making $4500 a night, utterly gorgeous woman at your beck and call, and a body like the young Arnold Schwarzenegger? Really? Aaight… go work at the House of Sin and get back to me in a week.

‘Joy Ride’: Bienvenidos a Miami. Hello, my name is Crave. Adios Miami!

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