Saturday, May 1, 2010

'Play Dead' by Ryan Brown

I had this book on my shelf for about a week or two. I passed it on the way to the shower, I passed it in the middle of the night to soothe my son’s scary dreams, and I passed it on the way to get clothes for work. And every time I passed it I swear I had to stop and look at the cover because it freaking creepy. Once I smartened up and stopped the stupid window shopping, I had a BLAST reading this book! Amongst the Texas football and the squishy gore was a humor that was as grotesque as it was funny. Yes, the story is fantastic and *almost* too much of a stretch in some areas but the fun factor pulls you right through that.

Cole Logan is the classic small-town-bad-boy-rebel-football-quarterback. He has his football team in position to win the football district title… if they can 1. Stay alive and 2. Stay dead. Yeah. I know. I really enjoy books that have testosterone, humor, first downs, and flesh eating humans. (You don’t find too much of that nowadays). Then you have your cross-town rivals that are so stupid they make Opie look like John Forbes Nash Jr. One of the funniest parts of this book is the planning of “the incident” and then conversation immediately afterwards! “Yes, I’ll take living near nuclear power plants for $200 Alex”.

The few part(s) I had a tough time wrapping my head around was after the crash. There were certain things that happened to the football players that made me go “aint NO way in hell”. Everyone knows how Texans feel about football, but seriously. How much undead can you overlook before common sense kicks in and says, “OK, I know you survived high school on moonshine, but... no”. As fantastic as some of the situations were, it only made the story better because you were wondering how in the HELL were they going to get out of those situations.

Despite that, ‘Play Dead’ is extremely entertaining and one of those “ahhhhhhh… I really had fun reading” books.

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