Sunday, June 13, 2010

2011 Rand McNally "Deluxe" midsized map.

This version of the iconic Rand McNally maps did not impress me. I got excited when I saw the "deluxe" title, but that excitement quickly evaporated when I went started looking through it. I guess the reason they call this a "deluxe" version is because of the fluff at the beginning. They give you information about 81 different cities but, in my opinion, it isn't worth it. You get listings of `selected attractions', `shopping', and `visitor information'. But they leave out what has made them famous: the extremely detailed maps. Oh, there are maps but they are regular, standard, and pretty plain looking. If they put "deluxe" on the cover then they need to represent between the covers. (this has just turned into a romance novel).

I did end up buying a Rand McNally map but it was the larger one that just has the maps. THAT is where Rand McNally shines! This smaller "deluxe" version is nothing of the sort and you would do better off by purchasing the bigger non-spiral bound or spiral-bound Rand McNally road atlas to meet your needs.

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