Tuesday, June 1, 2010

'Separation of Power' by Vince Flynn

Just when I thought Mitch Rapp couldn’t get any braver, crazier, or more brazen… I read ‘Separation of Power’. Don’t worry I’m not going to give away what exactly happens but suffice it to say that even, I, a self-appointed veteran reader of the political-thriller was blindsided (pleasantly so, however) by Mitch Rapp’s uncanny and creative battle tactics. While this ENTIRE book is an Autobahn of thrills, the jaw dropping moment(s) of which I speak don’t show up till later. In this book Flynn does what he does best… and we the readers benefit.

Oh how I wish the real men and women in politics would read some of Flynn’s work and take heed to his advice. Men like Rapp are needed. Men like Rapp are wanted. Men like Rapp scamper around the dark shadows to keep America shining. Mr. Flynn uses the all too real animals (former now thank goodness), Saddam and Uday Hussein, to formulate this story of yet more idiot politicians, more weak countries, and enough firepower to give The Terminator a woody! It may be cliché, but you can’t go wrong with a Flynn novel.


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