Friday, July 23, 2010

'Chedda Boyz' by C.J. Hudson

Well…! When I say that this book was surprisingly good, it’s not an insult. After you read so many street novels you start to wonder if they all are going to be about the same thing; guns, drugs, sex, and violence. And to be honest if they weren’t about guns, drugs, sex, and violence they really wouldn’t be STREET novels, right? ‘Chedda Boyz’ is street and definitely about guns, drugs, sex, and violence; but its how this story is told that makes it stand out. C.J. takes the gutter, turns it upside down, shakes, and whatever fell out is what he wrote. Man he tells about two murders that are as grimy and wrong as you can get.

The sex makes more than a few cameo’s between these pages, with one scene still playing out in my head. (Not sure if that is good or bad). This is a quick read but you have to pay attention because this story has more characters than Harlem has cockroaches. The only difference… cockroaches aren’t as nasty. I enjoyed reading about Amanda because she was one. racist. freak! Dre and Ty are as cold blooded as Clinton’s wife, and the women in this story are as fine as Toni Braxton and Zoe Saldana. If you are a street novel connoisseur then this should definitely be on your to read list. If you’re not, maybe you should pick it up anyway and be just as surprised as I was.



  1. Great review Jason! I am friends with C.J. Hudson on Facebook and really need to get his book!