Saturday, July 10, 2010

'Foreign Influence'

Was it me or was Scot Harvath incredibly brutal in this one? While Thor's books do strike an emotional chord, it struck a very different one in the beginning of this book. We all know what cowards and hypocrites terrorist are, but when Scot happens upon a terrorist camps that holds and tortures children... chilling. I was ready to grab a rifle and march over there myself. Vindication is had in an incredibly poignant and heartbreaking scene. And that scene sets the tone for this book. Scot doesn't usually hold back but there was something... different... about the type of needed brutality and the method in which it was dispensed.

The chickenhearted "my religion is about peace" terrorists are tossing bombs around like candy and innocent people are, of course, the unwitting targets. The horrors described are brutal and graphic. There are a number of storylines that swirl around in this book but Brad being Brad brings them together in one explosive "ending".

I read this one with the same fervor that I read ALL of Thor's books. I find that I have "reader's remorse" when I read his work. I get it, I devour it, and then I hate myself because now I have to wait even longer for his next work. Whoever said "patience is a virtue" has never read a good... GREAT book. Luckily Brad will put out another one at the end of this year. The surprise is how he works that one in this one. Brad Thor is an author whose work I love reading, love talking about, and love spending my time reading.

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