Monday, July 26, 2010

'The Mullah's Storm' by Thomas W. Young

Oh yes. If I had to sum up my feelings in two words, those would be it. Before I read this book I was coming off a three week summer vacation and I was looking for books from my “go-to” authors. You know, the one who never let you down because all of their books rock? While doing that I came across this one… and here is where I stopped. As you read you wonder why this story seems so “real”. I won’t give away the answer but with a tad bit of research you’ll find out. Modern military-thriller readers will tear through this like a Hummer H1 through the deserts of the Middle East. While both of my parents proudly served in the Army, I have no clue of all the Army lingo and special language used to convey even a simple, “move to the left”. Mr. Young handles it deftly without making you feel like a newbie.

There is plenty of suspense to go along with the action as we follow Major Parson and Ms. Gold through some of the most unforgiving terrain this side of hell. They also have to fight some of the most evil and despicable people this side of hell. You’re going to hear a lot of words like “thrilling”, “gripping”, “exciting”, “heart-pounding”, “captivating”, and “fascinating” to describe this novel. And you know what? They’d all be right. You know you’re into a book when your heart starts pumping fast to either 1. catch up with the action or 2. to match beats with the character’s. Mr. Young also tells this story with some pretty raw emotion too. While certain people would like us to behave like mindless robots and have no feelings toward people trying to KILL US, Major Parson has (good or bad) other ideas. I found myself shouting “YES”!! when he would allow himself to be human, even for just a moment.

Like I said earlier, this is a fantastic book that will keep you from the first snippet of action, through the mind numbing cold, to hunt of the enemy that runs, until the “end”. When I read books this good and see that it’s an author’s debut… I can only wonder who were the idiot publishers that told this guy “no”.


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