Thursday, August 26, 2010

'I'm With Fatty' by Edward Ugel

A few years ago I read ‘Money For Nothing’ written by this guy. As a self-professed hater of any and everything non-fiction I was surprised that I enjoyed that book so much. Since then I think I’ve read one non-fiction book. This one would make my first this year. And I did good again. In anyone else’s hands a book about losing weight… BBBOOOOOORRRIIINNGGG!! Seriously, if you can’t lose the weight quit blogging and reality-TV’ing it and move your fat gullet away from the damn table. Course I won’t say that to Ed because he’s kinda cool, it’s the rest of the losers I’m talking about. Any-who I started reading this book wondering how in the hell he could make weight loss interesting reading and finished thinking “damn”.

While this is mainly a book about weight loss, it’s also a LOT more. I found out how much more very early when I read that he had sleep apnea. Right then and there I felt sorry for his entire neighborhood. I have only had one experience with a friend who had sleep apnea and I tell you, I wanted to slice his skin off using a four year old razor dipped in iodine. I was about one divorce away from sending his wife an e-mail saying “hey baby, wanna come to California for a REAL night’s sleep”? Ed tells this story as a man who is going through some serious, serious pain but can’t help but be a smart ass. I don’t know if it was a coincidence that I started my swimming workout (after a 20 year absence) a few weeks before reading this book but I’m glad I did.

I loved how, through everything, he brings it back to family. Good man with a better family… and he knows it. Now me on the other hand, all I want to do is meet Margaux. I’m thinking of gaining weight and forcing sleep apnea just to get a glimpse of that sexy beast. But that’s just me. Ed gives us his diets (cashews Ed, cashews?), a colorful character named Skip (he’s second on my “need to meet list”), his daily workouts, the wearing of the mask, (Luke, I am your father), and his final weight loss tally. I still don’t get “BMI” but it makes me laugh a little every time I say it. A lot of bookstores (including mine) will put this in the ‘Biography’ section but it ought to go in ‘Inspiration’. Ed’s my boy and I couldn’t help BUT root for him as I was reading this book.

I’m the father of three, the youngest being a one-year old darling of a little girl. ‘Fatty’ struck a weird emotional chord with that special father/daughter relationship. Yes we want to please our wives and, of course, our sons. But there is something different when our daughters look at us and say certain things. Then it seems to become “real”. I’m telling you, give this book to anyone who is having a struggle with weight loss. Throw this book at someone if they have sleep apnea. Weight loss is personal and to put your struggle in a book and share it with the world takes a pair. I’d never do it. Not even if you paid me a million… (wait)… not even if you paid me half a million dollars.

Yeah, good job Ed. I can count on one hand the number of people that could have pulled this off. Really.


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