Thursday, August 26, 2010

'Sex is Fun' by: Kidder Kaper

Wow! (that was the original end for this review but daddy Amazon doesn’t allow one word reviews so…) Double wow! The only thing that is more sexual than this book is the actual act itself. With two woman. With insatiable appetites and an overbearing need to please. Calling this a “graphic novel” of sex wouldn’t be too far off either, especially with all the pictures in this book. This is an all encompassing manual on EVERYTHING you need to know about sex. Except abstinence. If you want that then might I suggest you talk your priest or marry a prude. Don’t look for it here. And speaking of prudes, just skip this book. No wait… better yet BUY this book and make your life worth living. This is exactly what you need. (well, it’s the second thing you need). :-) You really can’t help but learn something as you read through this book. I was just flipping through it again and ran across the section on ice cream! Yeah… ice-freaking-cream!

This book does a great job of mixing the technical with the tongue-in-cheek. It explores everything from the basics of hygiene to anal play to dressing up to finding that “special” spot on men and women. And the pictures… man! So graphic, so detailed, so sexual, and so GOOD that you *almost* don’t need the words. I say *almost* because the information in this book is so precise that even I learned a few things. Not that I’m the guru of sex or anything but it’s nice to find out something new, and I found a new technique for massaging that I can’t wait to try out. Especially since it’s not WHERE I get to massage, but WHAT. This book also caters to every single sexual lifestyle you can think of. (sans the humping of dead people and horses). Single, couples, triples, and singles and couples with triples.

This isn’t a book that you should read in one sitting. It’s more of a guide to help you along. I had this book about a month or so before writing a review because I really wanted to take the time to check out everything this book has to offer. It give you places to take notes, blank drawings of human bodies so you can show your partner the best place to kiss, touch, lick, bite, rub, massage, and tickle. If your sex life doesn’t improve after reading this book you’ve either got 1. A really pathetic close-minded sex partner, or 2. YOU are the pathetic close-minded sex partner. Course, with as graphic as this book is IT could be your sex partner. I wouldn’t suggest it though… paper cuts hurt when you get them on your finger, imagine a paper cut (never mind).

I kept this book with me in my laptop bag because it was always nice to break away from the real world for a while as I read and stared at the pictures in this book. ‘Sex is Fun’ is the perfect title for this book because it shows you EXACTLY how to make it so. Now… it’s time to stop reading and reviewing and time to start experimenting. I’ll let you know how it goes. Oh, and If you find my corpse lying face down, smelling like Blue Nile massage oil, covered in whipped cream, with a grin rigor mortised to my face, please don’t cry. Take solace that I went away happy. Very happy.



  1. That was, by far, the most fun review of any book that I have EVER read!

  2. I looked up Rubiconreader on Google and this is the first thing that came up. How come I haven't seen anything about this one before. I totally loved your review on this! I am always up for more books on sex! Loved the part about the paper cut!

  3. RubiconReader is moving up in the world!!! I think I posted this review before you and I met. You really need to get this book. It's hidden in my closet and I take it out (the book that is) and flip through it from time to time. Add this one to your collection NOW! The author also has a FaceBoook page as well.

  4. I bought a signed copy of this book from the author and started reading it! My husband said to put all my other books aside and read this one! LOL!

  5. Hahahahahahahaha!! If I don't see you posting as often, I now know why.

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