Tuesday, August 31, 2010

'Torn Between Two Lovers' by Carl Weber

This book may be only 184 pages but it packs a wallop in the HOLY CRAP department! This is a continuation of the soap opera starring (lunatic) Loraine, (like a bullet) Leon, (maddened) Michael, and (I need Jesus) Jerome. I was surprised at how short this book was. It’s like he went ‘Project Runway” on us. Course, if I had to pick a supermodel to name this book after it would be Naomi Campbell; skinny and full of drama. I suggest reading ‘Big Girls Do Cry’ and ‘Something On The Side’ first because there is a TON of back story, and without it you’ll be lost as Mel Gibson is in a AAA meeting.

While a lot of authors are good at creating the drama, Carl excels at it. He writes it so well that you are past the point of shaking your head at the characters and well into the frothing at the mouth, cursing, saying “WTF”, realm. I won’t give you any spoilers, but we finally find out who Big Poppa is, and talk about “it” hitting the fan! E-mail me if you figured it out before Carl tells us… I didn’t. As with every Carl Weber book you have your “no, no, no, no, NO moments” as well as your “I need to grab my rabbit” moments. While being very sexual, this time it’s more implied and not as explicit.

Don’t worry though because Carl makes up for it. Usually there is one, maybe two disturbed characters in a story. Not with Carl. Uh-uh… they ALL crazy! And they seem to be trying to out-crazy each other. Love has made us all do crazy things, but… really? REALLY!? Don’t waste time trying to guess or figure out the outcome of anything in this book because you’ll fail, fail, fail. Carl Weber has the drama down to a science and his books are a lot of fun to read. I only hope one day I can be near a book club that is discussing one of his books cause I got stuff to get off my chest!



  1. Your reviews make me want to read things I usually wouldn't. besides, how can I pass up the challenge of figuring out Big Poppa?

  2. Wow, how did I miss the comment? Thank you Robert for your kind words. Yeah, if you haven't read anything by Carl Weber then you are in for a real treat.

  3. I read both books big girls do cry and something on the side, I just read the first few pages of this new one torn between two lovers and wow...

  4. :-) - @Misha, wait until the end...