Sunday, September 5, 2010

'187 Pain and Bliss'

This book was given to me by the author, there, now that that stupid disclaimer is out the way… they say that the sophomore book is harder to write than the first one, especially if (as in this case) the first one was very good. Apparently Mr. Halverson didn’t get that memo. I’m glad he stuck with the formula that made his first book so good, so brutal, so sudden, while showing us the power of friendship and loyalty. While this story is billed as a ‘Kane Silver’ novel, the bad muther in this book is Axle.

Axle is on a plane with his mother that crashes into the jungles of Thailand. To survive a place crash is one thing, but to do it on the outskirts in the middle of nowhere AND at ten years old… takes someone special. Or wild. From then on Axle’s life is one long barbaric game of survival. Through violence he is introduced to the jungle. He is parented by violence and violence permeates his skin like drunken jungle mosquitoes. To quell this force Alex becomes a world-class fighter and dedicates his life to training. He does well for himself and even finds himself some local tail. But when you breathe, live, smell, taste, and caress violence, it only makes sense that it will find its way back to you. Violence finds its way back to Axle and the path it blazes is white frikkin’ hot. But not nearly as hot as the path Axle blazes back as he tracks down those responsible. One by bloody, agonizing, murdering one.

Like his first book, Wade write this one like… like… if he doesn’t get it out fast enough, something else will. I’ve come to realize that this extremely fast writing style is just how Wade is. There were a few times where it was a little too fast and I wanted more background dammit! But that’s his M.O. so I just dealt. That’s always a good/bad thing with authors like this. What they write is so good that you go through it like Kim Kardashian does bikini wax, but then you have to wait until they drink themselves into another book. (Stephen King reference, not Mr. Halverson).

Mr. Halverson delivers again with a story chock full of rage, ferocity, revenge, and vengeance.


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