Monday, September 20, 2010

'187 When Courts Fail' by Wade J. Halverson

And again. Halverson’s books are like beer and buffalo wings; the more you eat the more you want. This installment of ‘187’ had the same extremely fast pace of his other ones but there was something more… sinister… about this one. Something more… different. I think what was different was the scale on which he wrote this story. A child sex offender is released and, like most of these filthy animals, he offends again. Unfortunately his victim this time is the son of a billionaire with a tortured soul and an unlimited bank account. The only other thing needed to dish out the type of punishment like John Boyer is a pair of horns. Know that with this adventure you will REALLY have to suspend disbelief.


John Boyle envisions a dozy of a plan to deal with the rampant child molesting going untended in the United States. Enter Kane, Si’Ling, Valentiono, and Hank. While Kane does his part to help John assuage some of his pain, this book doesn’t really center on him. He’s a supporting cast member this time. If you’re anything like me (you MUST be extraordinarily good looking) you WILL be able to wrap your mind around the scale and scope of this operation but DAMN! I’ve heard of being a vigilante, but John takes it to space with this one. This one definitely has a different feel to it simply because of everything that goes on.

This book belongs in the series, but it’s almost a universe unto itself because there is almost no way you could continue on with the rest of the books after this in a “normal” fashion. I enjoyed it, no doubt. It was just a different kind of enjoyment.


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