Tuesday, September 14, 2010

'Daddy Long Stroke' by Cairo

I read this book and got the same feeling as when I read ‘The Kat Trap’. When Cairo is telling the story, it’s FIRE. When he’s not, it’s dead. The gulf between the two is so massive that I have to wonder what the reason is. Alexander is the biggest misogynist this side of Henry the 8th, and the biggest sex fiend this side of… well… me. He treats women like cattle and that’s putting in nice! The “bad” part is that these women don’t care, don’t mind, and have no shame. They beg, plead, pay, and lie just to get a feel for his hurricane tongue and (very) large chocolate stick. No one said he couldn’t work it, but he is beyond arrogant when it comes to how he handles his business. The sex in this book… geez! It’s in your face, on your skin, and gets buried in your subconscious.

I only gave this book three starts because of what I mentioned earlier. I don’t want to read about the characters ego and id battling it out before doing what you WERE going to do anyway. There’s a way to do it to where the story doesn’t slow down, but it doesn’t show up here. Would I recommend this book? Yes and no. Yes, if you want to make you and the entire third world horny. No, if you’re looking for a good sexual story that flows. For me there was a definite disconnect between Alexander slayin’ the ladies and Alexander trying to educate us about the ladies.

They say that ‘Full Metal Jacket’ is the best half movie ever made. There’s a very thin line between character introspective and overkill. I think if Cairo was to take out a lot of the character-chatter then I think he would have an ENTIRE book of goodness, instead of just 50%.


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