Friday, October 1, 2010

'Natural Born Hustler' by Nikki Turner

This book was missing something… and at only 112 pages I can see why. There are some authors, some books that can pull off a wonderful story in such a short tome but this is NOT one of those times. This book went by way too fast and that wasn’t because I was pulled along by the plot. It went by fast because it was short as hell! Usually this doesn’t bother me because again, some short stories are great. But there was nothing in and around this book that said this was a short story and I think that is incredibly misleading. Especially since there is going to be a sequel! Huh? Seriously, what rationale do you have for writing a 112 page book and then have a sequel?

Anyway… about the book: Unfortunately my ire doesn’t stop with the length of this book. This is a typical hood story with your typical characters and typical plot. The one (small) bright spot was the Maraunder family. Now I would LOVE to read more about them fools! But I don’t know what happened with this one or who was smoking what in the board room when they gave the green light to publish this. I chose this book because I have been a fan of Nikki Turner in the past. But I’m not sure if even her diehard fans will go for this one.


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