Monday, October 4, 2010

'Vlad The Impaler'

I was walking through our comic book shop in the back of my bookstore and this book was sitting face up on the table. Stop. Read. Shirk work duties. Everyone knows who Vlad is and how incredibly evil and disgusting this fool was... but still this book made it FUN. Barbaric and gory, this book is ripe with violence, rape, horror, sex, and enough savagery to satisfy even the thirstiest fanatic. If you’re looking for a *true* history book, then check out the Library of Congress. This is just a blood lusty, artistic jaunt through the life of one of history’s meanest and notorious butchers.

This is the type of graphic novel that you flip through (often) from time to time just for the sheer voyeurism of the drawings. “Vlad – The Impaler”; you wonder if they are talking about his erotic lust for blood or his erotic lust for women. Either way, both are depicted here… in all of the rapacious glory you would expect from Vlad. I looked around to see if there was more work by Sid Jacobson & Ernie Colon and didn’t find anything. I truly hope they change that.


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