Monday, November 22, 2010

'The Athena Project' by Brad Thor

For me, there’s nothing like a woman that drives a Jeep. For others, there’s nothing like a woman that collects teddy bears. Some guys like women who can strap on a parachute and jump out of a plane. Still others are drawn to woman who can shoot out the tires on that Jeep, plant tiny cameras in those teddy bears, and blow up the plane she just jumped out of. If you are the latter, then this book has your name AND social security number written ALL over it. We got a tiny glimpse of the Athena group in ‘Foreign Influence’, not a lot, just enough to whet the appetite. This time around we get to savor all four of these ladies in their entire explosive, Kevlar bra wearing, HALO jumping glory.

Alex, Megan, Julie, and Gretchen are the four angels that are part of the covert group called the ‘Athena Project’. Quiet, deadly, dark, and sexy. The phrase “use what you go to get what you want” takes on a whole new meaning when dealing with world Mob bosses, terrorists, and double agents. Taunt and firm they may be, but don’t underestimate them because you will pay with great pain… or your life. But this isn’t some fake feminist, affirmative action, equal rights, useless N.O.W. whining type of operation. Oh no. The only difference between them and our boy Scot Harvath; when I think of them in a thong I don’t dry heave.

‘The Athena Project’ seemed to be written in the same spirit as ‘The Last Patriot’. While not as politically heavy as his other books, ‘Athena Project’ does have that mystery/ancient secret/suspense/butt-kicking thing going on and it’s extremely entertaining. No matter how many people our brave Black OPS soldiers quietly eliminate, there is always some idiot waiting in the wings, under a rock, or hiding in the mountains who think they can do a better job of helping the evil forces bring about the end of the world. This time you have the never-seem-to-go-away Nazis who have created a sort of sci-fi type weapon that is biblical in its power. At one time it was thought to be gone, but it’s back and in the worst hands you could possibly imagine. Brad Thor takes a number of different story lines, weaves them to create their own tale, all the while giving us clues to a much larger and extremely chilling puzzle of a terror plot.

The ladies are tasked with a couple missions ordered and a few they couldn’t help BUT get mixed up in. The opening mission is classic, especially with the way they escape and bring their hostage with them. They have a unique violent way about them and you have to love the bantering humor. Seriously. These women are about to do some incredibly insane Black OPS thing and they’re talking about dating guys with no teeth or who is more likely to kiss a married man! But make no mistake; one second they are laughing about a Georgia good-ole-boy and the next second they have double-tapped a terrorist. Boil this entire review down to a few words, “heck-yes-I-enjoyed-this-book-and-having-Brad-Thor-put-out-two-books-in-one-year-and-having-to-read-about-FOUR-sexy-women-that-pack-heat-is-an-absolute-thrill”. And one more quick thing: While the name ‘Brad Thor’ is enough to get me to read, he goes one step further when he writes, on one page at the beginning, “all the science in this novel is based on reality”. I have NEVER read a book that has started as such, and had it suck. That streak continues.



  1. I was wondering how his new book would be. Brad Thor is one of my hubby's favorite authors, so I'm thinking I'll be putting this under the Christmas tree this year.

  2. I really enjoyed it, too. Thor's pacing was really impressive -- kept the action going right up to the last few pages.

  3. Do it Katy! Your hubby will thank you. Hot women toting guns and blowing shit up... how can you go wrong? Mr. Farnsworth my bloody friend, how goes it!?