Wednesday, November 3, 2010

'The Lost Symbol - Illustrated Version'

Right now there are 2601 reviews for the original (non-illustrated) version of this book, so I’ll spare you the whole “what is this about” mantra because you probably already know. This book is another in the “Let’s Illustrate Dan Brown” series and is easily the best one yet. How they fit in the number of pictures they did while not taking away from the story is beyond me. It’s not a secret as to why this book is coming out around the beginning of the Christmas shopping season; this will make an awesome gift for those who have and have not read this book. I have each and every one of the illustrated versions AND in a word, they’re worth it. The pictures are colorful and bright and are in perfect concert with the story. The calligraphy is beautiful, and when you wrap it around a larger, more gorgeous book frame… marvelous.


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