Friday, November 26, 2010

Sony DSC-T-99 Cyber-shot (green)

My first Sony camera was a Mavica (loved it and still have it). My second camera was a 8.1 MP DSC-N1 (BEST camera I have EVER owned and have had it for five years). This one is my third. I wish I could say that I was excited and pleased about this one as I’ve been about the other two, but I’m not. Not even close. Since I was so pleased with the first two cameras I had NO problem being brand-loyal and staying with Sony. I did look at other digital cameras to see what they had and basically no one had everything I was looking for in one camera like Sony. 14.1 MP, HD video recording, different shooting modes, and a compact size. I’m no pro but I know about my digital cameras. Since my DSC-N1 broke (sniff) I immediately compared this camera to that one. It had to be better right?

Wrong. Glaringly wrong! For starters the touch screen isn’t as nearly clear as the DSC and the picture quality is FAR from what I expected. Going from an 8.1 MP to a 14.1 MP, I should have seen a dramatic change in picture quality. Actually… I did. But in the opposite direction. How can an 8.1 produce clearer shots than a 14.1? And they both have the Carl Zeiss lens! When I download the pictures to my computer and blow them up there is a definite and quite obvious difference in the picture quality. Not cool. The other thing that is very frustrating is the “fishbowl” effect on the edge of the pictures. The middle of the picture is OK but the outer edges look like I gave this camera to Aqua-Man and told him to go for it. Having my pictures look like that is unforgivable. I have tried different settings, mixing and matching but nothing seems to get rid of that “fishbowl” effect.

I was trying to be “smart” and not get the camera I wanted because of the money. Next time I’ll know better. This was an expensive lesson to learn but I’ve learned it. I’m so frustrated with this camera I threw it up on Craigslist barely two weeks after I got it to try and get rid of it. Unfortunately the only takers I’ve had have been the “I’ll send you a money order” scammers. This camera comes with all the bells and whistles but unfortunately the important ones, pictures and picture quality, fall way way short.

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