Friday, December 17, 2010

'The Eagle's Prey' by Simon Scarrow

Man…book #5 and this series hasn’t slowed down yet. Cato & Macro… Lady Fortuna protects them like a mother lion. There are times when we look back throughout time and say “things were better back then”. And During the time of Rome the argument could be made that loyalty, honor, and sacrifice were held in higher esteem than they are now. Unfortunately, the one thing that has ALWAYS remained the same: bottom-feeding politicians. Promoted and in charge of men for no other reason than daddy had some fast moving sperm. Macro and Cato have been transferred to a unit commanded by such an individual...

It’s unfortunate that he has such a cool name; Maximus. During the heat of a battle he pulls a boneheaded move and Cato is caught holding the stick. Although Cato’s service record to this point is colored with bravery in the face of certain death, including an insane mission to save the General’s family, he is sentenced to death… along with forty others in the famously brutal practice of roman ‘Decimation’. That stupid ruling sets the tone for this book and with it comes another glorious, bloody romp through the Legions of Rome. Reading this series is made for book lovers like me. Characters you grow with and bond to, bloody descriptive action, and the joy in knowing that it will last for a good long time.

Nunc ad sexti.



  1. What a cool cover! I haven't seen this series before, maybe I should check it out. What is the first book in the series called?

  2. The first one is called 'Under The Eagle'. This is a truly wonderful and thrilling series!