Friday, December 31, 2010

'Mr. Erotica' by Richard Jeanty

Mr. Erotica… how could you not pick up and flip through a book with that title? And then knowing it’s a Jeanty title? I have enjoyed Richard’s books in the past so reading another one was a no-brainer. In this one you have a successful author/publisher who has a lusty female fan who wants a bit more than just an autograph. She couldn’t have come at a worse time in his life because Dave isn’t getting any from his wife because she’s not feeling sexy as she has to take care of three kids, and Dave is horny as hell.

He tries to be a good faithful husband but the “call of the wild” is too real, and when you’re traveling on the road with it being thrown at you… the wall of Jericho WILL come down. Come down they do and the person that helps is a woman named Kendra. This chick is 100% looney and 115% demented. Seriously, she’s so disturbed that ‘Fatal Attraction’ to her wasn’t a drama, it was a “how-to” movie. His mentor helps him devise a plan to take care of her, but you can’t control nor trap chaos. I know the brother should have just said no but it’s damn near impossible to say no when “no” has a perfect apple booty covered in poom poom shorts and a halter top that aint haltering much.

Mr. Jeanty also has a very… interesting way of mixing real life and fiction. I want to say that this is almost an autobiography with some fiction thrown in. Actually I WILL say that. Being in the book business (seller/reader/book pimp but not author) I smile as he wrote about some of the industry shop-talk and laughed when he slammed the hell out of certain publishers! He uses the titles of his books and other things that make this a mini-bio or sorts. Of course what I want to know is; where are the pictures of the beautiful women? You’re holding out on us Richard.
As a fan of Richard I’m glad to see him continue to put out good stories. As a lover of the book industry I’m VERY happy to see him have his own publishing company, promote his own authors, and be a success in the literary jungle in which we make our living and thrive.



  1. Nice review, love Richard! He is one of the most pleasant and straight up authors I know.

  2. I agree. He's very positive, driven, and a very cool brotha'.