Friday, December 10, 2010

Peanut Butter Vol. 2 by: Cornnell Clarke

I read Vol. 4 before I read Vol. 2 (not that it matters with this series) and you can tell the maturity in the artwork between the two. Makes sense, because it looks like there was about a seven year span between the volumes. Of course no one, including me, is looking at the artwork like it’s some DaVinci or Picasso anyway. Despite that, this one was just as graphic, just as sexual, just as erotic, just as satisfying, just as “OMG”!! as her cousin. Mr. Clarke draws like most guys think. Outrageously hot women who are willing and (more importantly) ABLE to do anything sexual for no other reasons that “why not”? Nothing is out of bounds, the word “no” is nonexistent, and sharing partners is not only encouraged but required.

Yes, there is text in this one as well but it’s there I guess because it has to be. The erotic artwork overshadows anything the characters have to say, and just as well. If I’ve got some voluptuous Amazon goddess standing in front of me, shaved down with less hair than bowling ball, I could care less about what she has to say on… well… just about anything. The text is good for a bit so you can follow the story if you want, but why would you want? :-) Cornnell puts more than enough art eye candy in to satisfy. Now… maybe I should start with Vol. 1?


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