Thursday, December 2, 2010

Peanut Butter Vol. 4

I bought this book strictly on the word of other people who have read the other volumes of this series. I was looking for something VERY sexual, VERY graphic, and supremely erotic. This one is three for three. I thought this was going to be the average size graphic novel but its format is slightly bigger. Of course it would have to be in order to accommodate the larger size guys they have in this book. I wouldn’t say these men are huge, but I showed this to Lexington Steele and he cried.

Just for the sake of saying “I read it” I did read this book. That way when I go back and skim it 1400 times a day for the next 800 years I won’t let simple things like words get in the way. And speaking of the words, the text is very, very tiny. Not a problem, just an observation, since the words take a back seat to the erotic art anyway. ‘PB4’ has everything you would expect from a graphic novel like this. The women are drawn hot, drawn wet, and severely sexy. They are a man’s dream, in that, they are uninhibited in ANY way and pass out BJ’s like candy. Their drawn bodies are made for consensual abuse and sexual throttle… and they wield them as such. I wonder how fast I can get volumes 1 -3?



  1. now that book looks very interesting. Never read a graphic novel, but this is one I wanna read!

  2. I'm still trying to get over just HOW sexual and graphic these pictures are! I will have to get the other ones to "catch up" with our dear friend Molly. Stuff like this makes me wish I had an iPad to read it on. :-)