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Jason's 'Top 15 Books' of 2011

I’ve come to the realization that I’m pretty anal about my reading, and according to one of my author friends, “persnickety” about what I read.  I would have to agree with that assessment.  I read for entertainment, I read for pleasure, I read for fun.  I LIVE in reality and, therefore, have absolutely no desire to read about it.  I want my book to take me away… FAR, FAR away.  My favorite books this year have done that.  From the sands of the gladiator arena to the scandals in the church.  From the hidden and extremely bloody underground of Rome to the sweet ecstasy of cupcake seduction.  From the harsh life and (much) death of an African-American crime family to the voyeuristic escapades of a man and his wheel-chair bound girlfriend/one-night stand. 

I have enjoyed my authors and their work but there is never enough time to read every book I would like.  I’m thinking that I need to win the lottery or find myself a suger-mama so that I can quit work and spend time… ALL of my time buried in a book.  You’ll also find no classics on this list.  Ask me if I give a shit.  I’m 100% unapologetic about what I read.  I will never be that snotty book lover who reads books that makes my anus cry.

I used to put my top books of the year in order from best to “least” best but I didn’t do that this year.  Why?  I just found it too hard and *almost* pointless.  The books below are the Top 15 books (overall) that I read this past year because they cemented time after time after time after time after time after time why I enjoy reading and why I spend so much time between modern day papyrus.  Please feel free to share with me the books that made you swoon, cry, laugh, get horny, curse, spit, and spend your rent money on.  
**Quick Note – the links: the links on the titles will take you to the review I did of the book.  The link to the authors will take you to their respective webpages.  Usually.** J

Books of Note

You WILL NOT and I repeat WILL NOT. Find two people nicer than Victoria & ReShonda.  They both have a love for the written word and truly appreciate their readers.  Both are very active on their respective social networking sites and just scrolling through their posts you’ll see what I’m talking about.  I have a special place in my heart for Victoria because she has been a HUGE supporter of me and the start of my ‘Rubicon Tee’s’ business.  She has me on her ‘A Chapter A Month’ website and has purchased shirts for herself and others. That kind of sincerity and friendship is hard, hard to find!  Those who know her love her and those who don’t, soon will.

This has been the quiet storm book of 2011.  If you haven’t heard of it you’ve either done it deliberately or you don’t read.  This book IS NOT for children!  So please save that weak ass shit for someone else.  This is a book for parents with a f*cking sense of humor.  If this isn’t you then move the f*ck on!

Wade has five books published so far.  I have yet to buy one.  Wade makes sure that I have his books and I am extremely grateful for that.  This one is probably one of Wade’s most brutal books, which of course made me love it more.  This book is full of everything your violent nightmares are made of.  Be warned… there are some extremely graphic scenes of torture in this book.  Now… go buy it.

I read ‘My Woman His Wife’ by Anna J a few years back and I’ve been a fan ever since.  Every few months or so she puts out an ‘Erotic Snapshots’ collection, and every few months I fork out money because these are some of the hottest and shortest erotic stories out there.

This is the best erotic collection I’ve read this year.  Yummy, delicious, decadent, sultry, and sensual.  If you’re looking for a collection that will cause every nerve on your body to go into overdrive…. here it is.

Steve is just the f*ucking man!  We’ve gone back and forth a few times over politics (I’m right and he’s wrong of course) but to hell with all that… this man can write his ass off!  This short story is available (for the moment) only as an eBook.  The ‘Meg’ series is a phenomenal story about the baddest predatory bitch to grace this planet, Carcharodon Megalodon.  This was just a teaser to the true storytelling power of Mr. Alten.  Read the series, you can thank me later by getting me a Jeep.  Yeah… you know what kind.

Futurestic sexuality is on full display in this beautiful oversized art book by Mr. Hauser.  The artwork is very detailed and very erotic. 

Websites of Note

Yoland Gore – A book lover and another wonderful soul who LOVES books and authors.

Apple – just for you fake Apple haters!  Well, that and I want a MacBook Pro one day.

Words With Friends – I’m hopelessly addicted.  If you ever want to play my screen name is ‘RubiconReader’

Jeep – No explanation needed.

Rachel Kramer Bussel – Talented, sexy, cute author/editor who graciously sends me her books... and has one hell of a voluptuous ass!

Zane – The BASSEST author/editor/business owner/entrepenuer/social media promoter/PUBLISHER on the planet.

Zoe SaldanaDefinitely no explanation needed!

Wahida Clark – Another publisher who sends me her books to review.  Street novels yes but she has some of the hottest writers on her team.  Definitely check them out!

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'The Catalyst' by Boyd Morrison

Man.  Boyd has that skill to turn the “this silly scientific hypothesis is absurd” into “wow; this silly scientific hypothesis actually might work”.  I felt that way when I read ‘The Vault’ and I felt that way when I read this book.  An artificial way to make diamonds?  Flawless diamonds?  And then make products out of diamonds?  Sssssuuurrree Boyd, hey by the way, where is that bridge you were going to sell me?  One of the best things I like about Boyd is the fact that he writes books that I want to read!  (A little personal story if you will); Last week, for the first time in my adult life, I missed work for two days straight.  Why?  Hell, I don’t know.  All I know is that I spent more time in front of the toilet than I did my kids.  My stomach and chest still hurt from all the heaving I was doing… Anyway… all I did was sleep, (try) to eat, and read.  I literally did not move from this couch unless it was… (See above).
Even though I felt like death that had just watched an entire season of ‘The Kardashian’s back to back, I still felt the need to read.  And this is the book that I chose. 

Boyd is smart.  Frightengly smart.  And his books reflect that intelligence.  But if you think that intelligence + books = boring, you couldn’t be more wrong!  In his latest techno-thriller Boyd introduces us to Kevin.  A smart college student who unwittingly helps invent a chemical process that will change the world.  Stop shaking your head!  I know you’ve heard that “this will change the world” schpeel before but this one really will.  Unfortunately his “partner” was less than honest and has caught Kevin up in a very deadly cat and mouse game.  Kevin, of course, does his part and gets other caught in the game as well.  Including a very attractive co-ed by the name of Erica.

These two must use their wits, humor, luck, and some slick scientific magic to get out of some pretty impossible situations.  As with all of Boyd’s novels, we meet some pretty nasty bad guys.  Bad guys who kill as easily as I eat a cheeseburger.  Thankfully these guys aren’t as bad as, say ‘The Vault’.  Still, their methods of capture and kill are pretty harsh.  Harsh.  Sorry I couldn’t come up with a better word but I hope you get the picture.  I appreciate Boyd as an author because he writes books that simply beg to be read.

There are a few times in here where I had to laugh because I had the same reaction as Erica when Kevin was trying to explain the diamond making process.  “Huh”?  It played very well within the story but I did find myself reading those passages over and over again to see if I could understand even a tenth of what the hell Kevin was talking about.  “Molecular fragmentation of C60 through a microwave discharge resulting in chemical vapor deposition of carbon”.  Yeah… ummm Imma have to play blonde on that one McFly.  In spite of my ignorance of C60 and super conductivity, I had (another) blast reading Boyd’s latest work.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lifeproof iPhone 4s case vs. Otterbox Defender series

Otterbox Armor Series 

Finally Otterbox is going to release their Armor series cases.  Announced at the CES 2013, this product has been highly anticipated.  And delayed.  A lot.  Going by the pictures it looks to be a bit bigger than the regular Defender case but until I hold one I won't be able to tell.

The catch...?

These fools are charging $99.95!  That is a full $30 more than the Lifeproof case and $50 more than their regular model.  Ouch. 

But, their product their price.  I think it's a pretty safe guess so say that these will fly off the shelves when released.  But you can also expect the folks at Craigslist and (the devil) Amazon to discount heavily.  Maybe.  

I will be very interested to hear the first real time reviews on this case.  I doubt if I would get one for my 4s seeing as the 5s will be out (rumor) this summer.  But by that time five or so months would have passed and the reviews would be plentiful.  If it does what it says than I probably wouldn't mind chucking down that much change for my 5s to  protect for the next two years. 

But we'll see.  Right now everything is just speculation until my fellow iPhone-ians get their hands on one and we get a true real-world testing.  Until then check out the Armor webpage and what Otterbox has to say about their upcoming case.

What do you have to say about it?  Please feel free to let me know.
Jason - rubiconreader

Original Post - 12/7/2011
(Updates below)

I’ve had the iPhone 3, iPhone 3Gs, and now the iPhone 4s.  I have never had a case on my iPhones until now.  I love how sleek and smooth the iPhone is and I didn’t want anything interfering with that.  Of course I ran the great risk of cracking it with just the everyday thrills and spills of life, but that was my risk to take.  Yes, I’ve dropped it over the years but I’ve been VERY lucky and nothing bad has happened.  Until recently.  I was in-line skating to get my son from school I hit a very small branch that twisted my wheels. I fell correctly, on my hands, but the only problem was I was holding my iPhone in my hand at the time because I was listening to music.  CCRRRUUUNNCCCHHH!! 

Luckily the fall didn’t destroy the iPhone as I could still use it, but the screen was cracked and when you used the device, you could feel where the glass was splintered.  I was able to use it but having a cracked iPhone screen just… FEELS BAD!!  This happened in August and the new iPhone 4s was due to be released in October, so I didn’t have that long to wait.  First world problems yes, but I can not stand to have a cracked screen!  So I promised myself that going forward I would either get the insurance (NOT) or get a decent case.  Thus began my search. wrote a very good blog on their Top 20 iPhone 4s cases.  I used that as a starting point and began my research from there.  After boiling everything down I narrowed my choice with two cases; the Otterbox Defender series and the Lifeproof case.  My goal was to find a case that could protect my entire phone, including the glass front.  I found it, but these two cases are different in a lot of ways and that is the purpose of this blog.  I’ll start with probably the most important thing people want to know about: 

Price:  Otterbox Defender - $19 - $59.  The discrepancy comes from where you choose to buy it.  The assholes at Amazon undercut everyone (including the manufacturer) and you can get it there for next to nothing.  The higher price is if you get it on their website.  This case was my 2nd choice but became the 1st choice because of the price. 

Lifeproof iPhone 4s case: $79.99.  Not the most expensive case out there, but still pricey.  My justification was that I can pay $80 now and not have to pay the $7 monthly insurance charge for the next two years.  $168 vs. $80… easy choice for me. 

Bulk & Feel: A bulky looking iPhone is just ugly.  Sorry but it is.  When folks come to the counter in my bookstore and their iPhone is covered in an elephant like case I look at them and want to slap the stupid off them.  Why would you take a gorgeously shaped device and cover it in a hideous case?  That’s like Zoe Saldana wearing a trench coat and a bomber cap!

Otterbox Defender: It’s not as bulky as I thought and I was very happy at the way it fit in my pocket and how it felt in my hand.  Very solid with a good grip and it lays flat.  It is bulkier than the Lifeproof case though.  The buttons on the iPhone are very easy to get too and use.

Lifeproof iPhone 4s case: A very slim case that doesn’t add much in way of bulk to the phone.  The grip is nice but not as nice as Otterbox.  Very solid feel and very nice looking as well.  The buttons on this case are completely covered and you’ll have to use a little more effort to get them to work. 

Glass protector: since this is the “gateway” to using the entire iPhone it deserves its own paragraph.  Otterbox: I LOVED the glass protector on the Otterbox!  Very responsive and I didn’t feel any air between the iPhone and the protector.

Lifeproof: Not as responsive as Otterbox.  There is definitely some air between the protector and the iPhone.  Now this might be a protective mechanism but I think they need to rethink this.  I’ve read some of the post and they are worried about the “oily” look when you have a piece of plastic laying flush on the iPhone.  But I didn’t get that when I used the Otterbox and there are other tricks you can use to stop that.  As I write this I’m also thinking that Lifeproof engineers did this because they tout this as a waterproof case as well.  Maybe that extra small air is an extra layer of safety.  Either way I don’t like it.  Again, it’s not that bad, but this might be a deal breaker for some people especially if they don’t need the waterproof protection. 

Overall protection: I’m not one of those people who will go out and drop their iPhone on purpose just to test it out.  Sorry, but that aint gonna happen.  J  If I drop my iPhone I’ll update this blog with that info.  You don’t know my luck y’all.  I drop my iPhone and how much you wanna bet that I’ll be the one that got the “1 in a million” defective case!?  Just keep in mind that the Lifeproof case claims to be waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof, and shock proof.  There are numerous videos (here’s #1 and here’s #2) on YouTube that prove this and I have no reason to doubt that claim. 

The Otterbox claims to protect against dust, scratches, and it’s somewhat water resistant, NOT water proof.  I have no reason to doubt their claims either.  I just know that both cases felt solid and secure and I wasn’t nearly as careful with my phone when I had the cases on.

Sound: Otterbox: sound good as there is nothing blocking the speakers.  Lifeproof: since this case is designed to be waterproof the speakers have to be covered (duh).  But even with the speakers covered, the sound is still good.  Yes you can tell a difference between a naked iPhone and a Lifeproofed iPhone but that’s because… ummm… the speakers are covered.  Didn’t I already go over that?

Customer serviceOtterbox: I bought my Otterbox case at an AT&T store and I will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER do that again.  Let me also say that this was NOT an Otterbox problem but an AT&T store problem.  I bought my Otterbox case on a Friday night and took it back Sunday afternoon.  Why?  The bottom of the Otterbox,  where it’s supposed to cover the 32 pin thing, would not stay flush and closed uneven.  Not acceptable for a $50 case.  When I took the case back I was charged (or they tried) a $10 restocking fee!  WTF!?!!?  The case was $50!  So now I have to pay $10 to return an item that I’m not going to use.  Awwww hell no!!!  I was nice (I manage a bookstore and I hate when customers yell at me) but I let her know that that was unacceptable.  1. I had this case for less than 36 hours 2. It was defective.  Not sure who the idiot was that thought this up, but aint no way in hell I’m going to give you $10 for a case that I’m going to use.  She called her manager up and they gave me the $57 back… after about 4 days.  If companies are charging a restocking fee for products, even defective products we need to start that at the bookstore.  That’s an entire income stream that we are letting pass us by.

Lifeproof: ordering was pretty easy and simple.  When I went to go check my account the next day there was a double charge on my account from this company.  Huh?  I logged out and checked again.  Yep, same thing.  One was for $91.17 and one was for $91.14.  This happened on Black Friday and because of that extra charge it cause an overdraft in my account.  I’m pretty anal about my money and HATE paying the Wells Fargo $35 overdraft charge and, like most people, Black Friday was pretty big.  So to have this happen was frustrating.  I tried e-mailing the company, nothing.  I tried calling the company, nothing.  I tried e-mailing the company again, nothing.  I sent them a message on FaceBook, response.  Seriously?  FaceBook is a social medium, it shouldn’t be your main way of communication.  They response to me was that it would be expedited.  A couple days later I got an e-mail saying that they only see one charge on my account.  By that time I had already called my bank and got it straight.  But that kinda soured me on them.  I’m out $35 but I don’t want to be exchanging e-mails for the next month trying to clear this up, so I just ate it.

It took a week plus a day (San Diego, CA to Bakersfield, CA) to get my case because the USPS misrouted my package!  Freaking great!  Anyway, I hope this case lasts a good long time because I’m not sure if I want to deal with their customer service again.  I will say this though: they seem to be VERY busy and someone actually summed it up perfectly: “they are a victim of their own success”.  They seem to respond to FaceBook posts faster than e-mail so if you have an issue, make sure you FB them first.  To their credit they acknowledged my problem and Dusty looks like she’s pulling some serious overtime!  I think once they get that under their belt, things will run much smoother.  One small thing they can change is the shipping.  This case is small enough that they can mail it in a padded Priority mail envelope and get it to customers faster.  Since we’re paying for shipping anyway, save yourself the problems of slow shipping and do it this way.  I ship a lot of books from my bookstore and this is the only way we ship.  Just one man’s opinion.

Odds & Ends:  Using the camera with the Lifeproof isn’t as smooth because you have to press harder on the screen and that may distort the shot.  The more I use the Lifeproof the more frustrated I become with the plastic case covering the phone.  They really need to have it flush and get rid of that small air bubble.  I wish I had the Lifeproof case with the Otterbox plastic covering.  The Lifeproof is a gorgeous case but that covering is a slight buzz kill. 

Regular (non Apple) headphones will work with the Otterbox.  Regular (non Apple) headphones will not work with the Lifeproof unless you use the headphone adapter.  This is done to keep the case water proof. 

All in all I’m fairly satisfied with my Lifeproof BUT unless I can find a solution to this air bubble problem I just *might* go back to the Otterbox.  I did follow the instructions on the Lifeproof video to get rid of the excess air but it’s not helping.  It’s nice having a case that protects pretty much everything, but not at the expense of having a less than stellar touch screen.  Yeah, I’ll lose money (again) on it but my piece of mind is better.  Oh, Lifeproof also charges a restocking fee of 15%.  So what I’ll do if I do end up being continually frustrated with this case is sell it on Craigslist avoiding having to get a return label, sending it back, having to wait 3-5 for the money to get back into my account.  No thanks.  Well, I think I’ve hit most of the big things.  If I think of anything to mail, I will. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to ask me. 

Update – December 8, 2011 – 11:07 PM

After going all day out and about using my iPhone 4s with the Lifeproof case I have come to the conclusion that… I don’t like it.  Rather, I don’t like the plastic covering.  As I was using it I just kept getting irked by that annoying air bubble and how the screen wasn’t as responsive as I would like it.  So true to my word (almost), I sold it.  BUT not on Craigslist like I said, I went to Ebay.  And no lie, as soon as I put it up for sale some guy in Louisiana bought it (LITERALLY) in less than three minutes!  So somebody out there wants it and there are a LOT of people that LOVE this case.  Just not me.  So I went out and got myself the Otterbox (again).  For what I do, I need the touch screen to be 100% responsive and the Lifeproof case just flat out does not have it. 

I know a case can’t have everything but this seems like something that is a no brainer.  The touch screen on the iPhone is the freaking HEART to the entire device.  If that doesn’t work, nothing works.  I went to the Lifeproof FaceBook page to see if anyone else has a problem with the bubble.  They did.  One guy even went as far to post a .32 second video of how to get ride of the air.  Actually all he did was tell us and not show us.  What you (according to him) is put your mouth over the small hole near where you would put your ear and suck.  Ummmmmm… sure.  I wasn’t sure if this was a joke or not.  I’m still not convinced after reading the responses swearing that this works.  Between you and me it doesn’t.  And I tried hard. 

So while the case of the Lifeproof is the best I’ve seen, the touch screen makes it bad.  The Otterbox might not provide the magnitude of protection that the Lifeproof does, but it has a much, MUCH better touch screen.  And the Otterbox does provide very good protection… I just can’t take the phone into the shower with me.  But unless I’m dating a supermodel why bother?  Anyway, make your own choice on which case is better.  Or maybe not “better” but better suited for you.

Update #2 - January 19, 2012 - 11:58 AM

If you do decide to get an 'Otterbox' I would suggest you get the $50 one and not the $40 one.  The cheaper 'Otterbox' has a cheaper case that tends to move and shift.  This can get extremely annoying when taking it in and out of your pocket or purse.  The cheaper case doesn't have the tight fitting properties of the more expensive one and almost feel cheap.  It protects your iPhone of course, but there is something psychological about holding your iPhone in a case that feel secure and firm.  The cheaper case doesn't satisfy that. 

Other than that, the only other thing I have to report is that in the upper right corner of the case there is a little bit of room.  IE: the fit to the iPhone isn't as tight as the rest of the phone.  I'm almost positive that this is a manufacturing issue that changes from iPhone to iPhone.  Kind of surprising because it should be 100% form fitting.  I also remember that with the very first 'Otterbox' I owned, the rubber that covered the 32 pin connector, wasn't flush either.  

In the every day use category I'm still pretty impressed with this case.  Haven't had one drop (knock on wood) from which to report but this is a VERY, VERY good thing!   The case still has a solid feel to it and the touch screen is still responsive.

In the "I wish" department, I wish they would make it easier to get to the earphone jack instead of having to move that rubber flat every time and... (don't kill me) have the next generation cases a tad bit thinner. 

Update #3 - July 1, 2012 - 11:32 PM

It's been a little while huh?  Just wanted to give you a quick update:  I am now on my second Otterbox case.  I think I have found the Achilles heel to this thing.  The outer rubber casing.  After a while it warps.  For me it happened (is happening) in the same place.  The upper right as well as the area where the home key is.  I'll try and post pictures.  I don't use my case for anything strenuous so this is definitely a design flaw.  I have heard that Otterbox will replace the rubber casing for free if you write them, but I CAN NOT confirm that because I have yet to do so.  But I will.  I don't think I'll be purchasing another case in the near future as I can live with this (so I say now) for the time being.  But knowing this will happen to my case dampens my Otterbox zeal a little bit.  

Lifeproof has yet to fix their "bubble issue" and while they have the superior CASE, having that bubble is still a deal killer.  How do I know this?  Just look at their FaceBook page and some of the comments.  People love the case but that bubble ticks a lot of people off.  Even on this blog people have stated that they enjoy the case but... that damn bubble!  Then again I have spent about $75 for two Otterbox cases.  Ah well.  Lifeproof seems to be a company that is run by a bunch of smart people who really enjoy having fun, so maybe someone will look into this and offer a viable solution or explanation.  I certainty enjoy popping on their FaceBook page from time to time and checking things out.

I wonder what will come first though... Otterbox with a sturdier rubber casing or Lifeproof fixing the bubble?

Update #4 - July 19, 2012 - 10:22 AM

I received my new Otterbox case eight days after I wrote the company.  I sent them a question via their site using this online form and they eMailed me back with instructions on how to get a replacement.  I had to take two pictures of my defective case, front and back, and eMail it to them.  The longest part of this was the shipping.  They sent it FedEx but the FedEx driver must have walked it to the door because it took damn near forever!  First world problems really... it only took about five days.  But FedEx... from Colorado to California?  Five days?

Anywho... the best part about this experience was that they sent a BRAND NEW CASE!  I was just expecting a new rubber case.  So now I have a brand spanking Otterbox case and I'm very happy.  My only question now... how long will this one last?

Lifeproof is also now available to purchase via Amazon, so the price is cheaper than buying it directly from them.  I still look to see if they have "fixed" the slight bubble issue, but from reading the comments it seems that the bubble issue is STILL a big one.  How Otterbox can do it and Lifeproof can't is beyond me.  

Update #5 - July 21, 2012 - 10:39 PM 

Oh SNAP!!  Otterbox has a new case coming out and it looks like it (if it lives up to the hype) a formidable opponent to the LifeProof case.  The new case will be called ‘Armor’ and it will be drop proof, waterproof, dust proof, and crush proof.  I’ve perused the website and I like what I see.  The case looks black, sleek, and sturdy.  Only time will tell if it lives up to the hype that is splashed all over its webpage.  

They do have a video here but it’s not that good.   Its exciting yes, but it doesn’t do much too really show us what this case can do.  The iPhone is dropped in the dirt and mud a few times and water is shown to splash over it, but they need to do better.  They need to rip a page from LifeProof here.  Give this case to people to take to the beach, the pool, mudruns, mountain biking trails, daycare centers, REAL LIFE situations that most of us who use the case will be in. 

I’m excited because this could be the case that a lot of us have been waiting on.  I stated in my original post that Lifeproof has the superior case but that bubble is a killer.  Otterbox has a VERY good case but not the ultimate protection that the Lifeproof case affords.  And Otterbox has nailed, and I mean NAILED, the screen protector.  There is absolutely no space between the protective screen and the iPhone screen and that is exactly what I want.  I only hope that this new case by Otterbox doesn’t change that.

LifeProof iPhone Cases

Update #6 - October 3, 2012

Yeah, the Achille's heel to the Otterbox is the outer rubber casing.  As of two days ago I have taken off my Otterbox case because it has warped (again) in the exact same place as the previous case. Whenever I wanted to use my phone I had to push the rubber casing down and that got to be extremely annoying.  With the new iPhone 5 case they have stated that they have an "improved slipcover: a rubber outer layer is stronger to withstand heavy use and its shape over time".  That's good for the iPhone 5 but I wish they would use that technology on the iPhone 4 and 4s cases.

I will get a new Otterbox case but it will be off Amazon where it is cheaper.  Why?  I still think the case is good but now I know I will have to purchase one every 4 months and I'm not paying full price for a product that will lose it's prime functionality after a few months.  And since they don't seem to have a light under their ass to get the Armor series out I'll just stick with what I know.  That being said, I think it's also time to see what other cases are out there.

I sincerely like Otterbox a LOT, but through real-life living I have found that the cases do not have a long shelf life.  I'm tempted to get another Lifeproof case to see if they have done anything with that bubble.  But I don't see the practicality of spending $50 - $80 to test that theory.  And from what I've seen on their FaceBook site and from Amazon reviews, it looks like they are still having that problem.

For me a case that warps over time is better than a screen that won't function.  I'd be interested to see what other cases you guys are using.  Oh BTW... when I do order it, this will be my 4th Otterbox defender case.  (Damn.)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

'The Diary of Molly Fredrickson: Peanut Butter - Vol. 5' by Cornnell Clarke

Cornnell Clarke is my favorite sexual graphic artist BAR NONE!  So when I heard a new book was in the works I started drooling.  One small problem though; I work in a bookstore but I could not nail down a release date for this book.  Was it October, was it December?  I kept bugging poor Cornnell until he just said, “dude, and join my e-mail updates”.  So that is what I did.  And because I did I was able to get a signed copy of this book!  Happy early Birthday present to me!!  This book is a diary of sorts that our sexy friend, Molly, is reading from.  If you haven’t read anything from Mr. Clarke, prepare your libido, because your mind won’t be able to process all the eroticism his books offer.  That being said, PB #5 wasn’t a chock full of sex as some of the others.  Oh it It was there, no doubt, but I came away wanting… more.  I didn’t feel that way with the other four.

I know most people don’t READ these graphic novels; they skim and leer at the pictures.  I’m honestly no different but I do read it through once so I can get a gist of the story and there IS a story with all of Cornnell’s books.  The font however was very, very tiny which made it extremely hard to read and part of the story was in cursive which made it even harder.  Again, for 99% of the people “reading” this, they won’t care.  But for my 1%; it’s a bit frustrating.  Setting that aside, the main reason I read and love the Peanut Butter graphic novels is the simply amazing artwork.  This man has a talent and it shows on every colorful and in-your-face-page.

 Molly is reading a diary and taking us through a number of her lusty sexual escapades while running (willingly) into a few new ones.  Her best friend’s boyfriend makes a cameo and so does his… junk.  She reminisces about the tryst with her nerdy roommate, and makes us relive the memory of her and the basketball team.  Oh yeah… THAT one was a GOOD!  Cornnell even gives us a hand by footnoting the previous issues of Peanut Butter in which these scenes took place.  Back to this issue though… as is normal with Cornnell there are a number of shocking sex scenes in his books.

The first takes place (no spoilers) after a very traumatic incident and also provides us with the best piece of artwork in this book.  This certain body part of a woman was drawn with pure precision and desire.  The second shocking part takes place near the end and I had to go back to see if I really read what I really read.  And yeah… I did!  This is easily the best part of the book because it is the perfect mix of sex, taboo, lust, taboo (yes, I know I put it twice), and just plain old “what they’re doing is just so wrong but I wish I could do it too”.  If you don’t read anything else in this book make sure you read this scene.  Trust me OK?

The last page of the book also provides us with the second best piece of artwork in the book.  If I didn’t have any sense I’d lick the pages, but I do so I didn’t.  Despite not being as sexually charged as say, #4, I think you will enjoy this next installment of the Peanut Butter series. 


Monday, November 21, 2011

'Women in Lust' Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

I think I’m going to write a short story collection and make Rachel my vixen in every single story.  Hell, I might end up making her into a twin or triplets!  Everything about Rachel exudes sexuality and I always, always, always, enjoy reading her collections.  ‘Women in Lust’ is another stunning erotic collection.  And when I say stunning I mean STUNNING!  I usually re-read the erotic collections I buy about two to three times over the history of the book, but this one was the first time I re-read a collection back to back.  I do NOT recommend this because the state of arousal this will put you will make horny it’s very own state.  Even the stories that had the S&M that I’m not into had me going.

I love how descriptive these stories are and mouth-watering sexual delicious they are.  As per her style, Rachel picks stories that appeal to everyone and gives us sex in paper form.  Rachel adds her story, ‘Hot For Teacher’, and if I DID go back to school, it would be for a student like the one in her story.  ‘Smoke’ was also another sinfully sexual short story.  ‘Ride A Cowboy’ is the first story in this collection that I read back-to-back.  Have mercy on that restaurant booth!  I won’t name every story because like I said earlier, this was the first erotic book that I read back-to-back!  But I’ll tease you with one more; ‘The Hard Way’.  Cop and lawyer.  Enough said.

Rachel and her authors serve up another erotic collection that must be read, practiced, and read again. 


Friday, October 28, 2011

'The Litigators' by John Grisham

I’m not sure how he does it… but he does.  John Grisham follows last year’s release of ‘The Confession’ (easily in the top 3 best Grisham books ever) with ‘The Litigators’.  Immediately you get the feeling that this is going to be one of Grisham’s witty ones.  This man has a wonderful sense of humor and added to his natural ability to tell a story, I see why some call him “America’s favorite storyteller”.  Finley & Figg are two lawyers who work, but not extremely hard, to make their living as practitioners of the law.  They bumble their way around chasing ambulances and divorces all while having more in house fighting than any season of ‘The Real World’. 

Enter, due to a rather CRAZY exit, David Zinc.  David is Harvard Law School graduate who makes a nice six figure salary, who is married to a smoking hot woman, but must work long hours in order to pull down said nice six figure salary.  One day he snaps, and snaps in spectacular fashion.  Grisham writes this scene and you seriously can’t help but laugh as you see David becoming best friends with the elevator.  I swear, while I was reading this scene I could hear the laugh of the Joker in the background (Jack Nicholson’s Joker BTW).  David continues his phenomenal downward spiral at a bar and he contemplates the universe and his life… all while drinking enough to alcohol to make Hunter S. sweat.

Obviously the universe shares in John’s sense of humor because of all the places our friend David could end up, he makes his “new person” debut at the offices of Finley & Figg.  Let the legal dysfunction begin!  The main storyline is the law offices of Finley & Figg happen upon news of a drug called Krayoxx.  Rumor has it that this drug is bad and that brings out the mass tort snakes, I mean lawyers, and the dreams of big fast money begin.  On a good day Finley & Figg dance along the ethics line, with the promise of a multi-million dollar settlement they not only dance, they take ethics to dinner and then to the prom!
David gets caught up in this “boutique” of a law firm but manages to keep himself relatively clean.  This book gets better and better and by the time I reached the end I was staying up till 1 AM because I couldn’t decide where to stop.  The climax (in my humble opinion) is the courtroom scene with the Kryoxx lawyers vs. David.  I will NEVER give away the story, but I will use a two word phase to describe it.  Actually Amazon would probably censor it so let me do it like this:  the first word begins with the letter “b” and the second word is “slapped”. 

As with every Grisham novel there is back story and other stories going on.  I would love to meet DeeAnna… heaven help me.  I think I would enjoy a Sunday dinner at Rochelle’s house, but I would run for the hills if I ever got on her bad side.  Finley & Figg… the antics of these two must be read.  Describing them is utterly impossible and I would fail if I tried.  It takes talent to go from serious to (almost) absurd, but Grisham does it with talent and skill that is fun to read.