Sunday, January 2, 2011

'187: Victims' Revenge' by Wade J. Halverson

Let me first start off by saying that this cover is awesome! I know, as a book lover I shouldn’t care what the cover looks like. But as a person with, I don’t know, EYES, it grabbed me because it has a pure look of brutality. That being said, the contents of this book make the cover seem like child’s play. This is my fourth journey with Kane Silver and he delivers (again) with speed, violence, sex, and pain. This book opens with Kane, Si, and Valentino taking on a ‘Mission: Impossible’ type assignment infiltrating prisons and trying to find out who is behind a deadly spree of vigilante prison justice. Inmates who have robbed, raped, killed, and maimed others find these same horrors being visited upon themselves. Kane, Si, and Valentino volunteer to pose as bait to find out who is behind this, and Mr. Halverson (as usual) does not hold back on the raw, graphic descriptions of prison revenge.

Their reward? A much needed pardon. Is it worth the risk? For these guys, hell yes. I like Wade’s book because they fit the bill for the “escapism” I look for when reading. Following Kane from one adventure to the next, you can’t help but put yourself in his shoes and wonder… Of course, there is one adventure in this book that I wouldn’t trade place with Kane even if the reward was an eternity with a naked and horny Megan Fox. I will say that Kane’s sex interest in this book makes Megan Fox look like Michael J. Fox, but still. How much physical pain is one woman worth?

Kane is usually the one dishing out the pain and bloody mayhem, but this time he’s on the receiving end. The torture scenes that are described here are about as savage as you could imagine. But despite that, the daunting missions, near misses, and spilt blood, Kane and his friends remain tighter and closer than ever. This type of brotherly love, loyalty, and fierce bonding is usually found in novels about Rome. Mr. Halverson also puts teasers for the next book at the end of the current book and this one is no different. I look forward to more mayhem, more carnage, and more action. My 2011 reading season is off to a very good start!


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