Friday, January 14, 2011

'Getting Close' By: Atilio Gambedoti

Graphic. Vivid. Sexual. Funny. Erotic to the “nth” degree times forty. Pink, perky, delicious and I’m just talking about the cover. This is a very sexually explicit graphic novel that will excite as well as arouse. You’ll want to skip through the dialogue because the art is about 75,000 calorie of PURE eye candy; but don’t. It is funny as hell! When reading books of this nature you know that there aren’t many things that off limits, but even I couldn’t believe they went there with the park scene!! Then they did it AGAIN!

My favorite character was ‘Fats’. He’s the loser that you can’t help but like and this guy is the proverbial fly-on-the-wall who (almost) has it pretty good. While he doesn’t get to sleep with the extremely hot women that pass through his life, he at least gets to watch them get down with other people. A comedy break in the middle of a non-stop orgy… what’s not to like? A bawdy, erotic perversion of a book this is.



  1. Okay, you know I gotta read this one. Great review. I went on Goodreads and added it. It doesn't even show the cover on there. LOL! There are men in there too I hope!

  2. Atilio... wow. You are welcome! A very sincere thanks for your comment.