Friday, January 14, 2011

'Real Wifeys On The Grind' by Meesha Mink

I bought this book on the strength of someone’s (I forget whom) recommendation. I have heard of the ‘Hoodwives’ series but have yet to get around to it. Nothing bad, but with so MUCH stuff to read it never found its way to my “read right now” pile. It will now. To be clear, this book IS NOT part of the ‘Hoodwives’ series. This is the beginning of a new series by Meesha, and what a beginning it is.

Goldie is the young lady we follow around as her life is unwrapped before us. She fancies herself smart and above it all. She ‘aint. She fine and fly and has a body that would make Michelangelo salivate. Problem was she was very young when she caught the eye of this punk named ‘Dyme’. When you read this book you’ll know why I call him a “punk”. Meesha goes through one teeter-totter of a situation to the next, all the while experiencing more sex than should be allowed one person. Meesha is that type of writer than can fit a lot of story into relatively short book. ‘Real Wifeys’ is a very quick, yet very good read. Definitely worth your time.


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