Wednesday, February 2, 2011

'The Choir Director' by Carl Weber

I’m standing here trying to put into words what to say about this book. Fun? Enthralling? Funny as hell? Sexual in a “church kind of way”? (inside joke). Either Carl Weber has a blessed imagination or… well actually there is no or. I’ve been impressed with this man and his storytelling since the day I picked up my first novel by him. I would suggest reading the other books in this series before you start this one. ‘The Choir Director’ is a continuation of the happenings of First Jamaica Ministries, Bishop T.K. Wilson, James Black, Monique, Simone, and the new guy; Aaron Mackie. Now be warned, Simone will have you thinking that this is a full blown soap opera! This woman is a complete and total psycho mess!!

I have NEVER read about a church like the one described between these pages and I most certainly have never read about church people like this. Church people like the ones in this book don’t need to be anywhere NEAR a church! The drama starts on page 3. Yeah, as in 1, 2, BAM!! This one sister drops a Hiroshima type bomb in the middle of church service and the scandals don’t lose speed the whole way through. And to be a church, there are some freaks up in that mug. The new guy Aaron Mackie has been recruited as the new choir director. First Jamaica is having serious financial and after the mess caused by the leaving choir director (remember page 3?), they need someone to fill the pews.

Aaron has the looks and voice of an angel and is the perfect someone to help the Bishop and his church. But like most everyone in a Carl Weber novel he has a past that will floor you. There is so much deception within this novel and, truthfully, that was the driving force that made me finish this book a lot faster than I anticipated. Usually when you think of backstabbing, sexual scandals, blackmail, suicide, theft, and embezzlement you’re reading an article about Lindsay Lohan’s weekend. Not a supposed house of God. Come on now! I truly enjoy reading Carl’s books because they are pure fun and total escapism! Despite the needs-medical-treatment disorderly lives these folks lead, I look forward to reading about them. I just couldn’t ever go to their church. I want to escape from the devil, not meet him there and share communion. One other thing: I really like how Carl puts discussion questions at the end of his books. Unfortunately I don’t live in an area that has active book clubs to discuss this man’s work. So if anyone lives near the Central Valley and is looking for a male point of view… ummmm… hello…… :-)



  1. I was invited to The Choir Director group on Facebook. I joined it but haven't read it yet. I need to read the first books before reading this one I guess. That was a great review and I am looking forward to reading the books that lead up to this book and then reading this book!

  2. You'll love, love, love this series!!

  3. I Loved this book. All of Carl's books are filled with drama. I didn't get to read the last couple from this series but I am familiar with the prior events to this book.