Friday, February 18, 2011

'One Rough Man' by Brad Taylor

On the back of this book it says, “Vince Flynn and Brad Thor move over…” Whoa there Charlie. Vince and Brad have a total of twenty-two books between them and a loyal fan base that is more staunch than a gun totin’ bubba living in Alabama wearing a ‘God Bless the USA’ t-shirt! (Yes McFly I do realize it was probably the publisher or some intern that wrote that, but still). That being said… this book IS the kind of book that Flynn and Thor’s fan will eat up. The one thing that immediately jumped out about Pike was his in-your-face arrogance. It was almost bordering on fingers scraping the chalkboard annoying, but Pike has earned the right to be just that.

Pike and his covert operation are so deep cover that they’re illegal. Now I don’t mean like “certain members of Congress don’t know” illegal, I mean like “George Washington just rolled over and kicked Benjamin Franklin’s coffin” illegal. But they’re trying to deal with the very real and deadly threat of terrorism, and they can’t get the job done with the sissified cowards in D.C. running around lighting candles, holding hands, and singing Sarah Mclachlan. They need hard men to take care of a hard problem. Enter: Taskforce. Reading about a few of their operations, I see why they have to operate waaaaaaaaaay under the radar. They use techniques and extermination methods that made me cringe and would arouse a snotty Yale lawyer.

Their motto is simple: get the job done. Period. Show no quarter to the haters of infidels who want to kill innocents in the name of some false prophet. If they step on your toes, then you mushroom bullet their skull. An EYE for an EYE only sounds good in 4th grade Sunday school. A problem (to put it mildly) arises when the basement hiding cowards bring the fight to U.S. soil, and are aided with the help of traitors within the fraternity of our government. Pike is in the wrong place at the wrong time and just happens upon something that will lead him yet another insane and brutal plot by “those guys”. What causes him to be at that place and at that time will sadden you.

Thus begins the Pike adventure assisted by an unlikely woman named Jennifer. To be honest, Jennifer got on my nerves, and I was hoping Pike would dismiss her like Julian Assange does women of legal age. It’s one thing to tromp around the globe chasing “those people” with a professional team. Having to do it with a pushy, clueless neophyte is something that good books are made of. Good guys and bad guys alike fly, train, run, and drive from the jungles to the metro, to the war torn third world, trying to either stop or detonate a WMD. There are more than a few scenes of brutality and violence that cause quite a response, but they flow right along with the story. This was my first slam-bam thriller of 2011, one of many I’m sure from Mr. Taylor.


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