Tuesday, February 8, 2011

'Recipe For Love' by Shamara Ray

This was a different book for me. Whenever I see a Zane title I immediately think “hot, freaky, sweaty, insatiable, non-stop sex”. And be honest, you think the same damn thing. (Oh shut up, yes you do). But that wasn’t the case with this book. This book was a VERY enjoyable read without the permeating trademark sex that Zane and her authors are known for. No, Shamara entices us with another type of sensual delicacy: cooking. Now keep in mind that this IS NOT my type of book. Scroll through my blog or reviews on Amazon and you’ll get a very clear idea what I like to read. High adrenaline, fast action, and uncontrollable leg shaking sex.

So what was it about this book that made me like it so? Was it the gorgeous author with the stunning smile on the back cover? Maybe, probably. :-) Was it a well written, very entertaining story? Good guess. Maybe because the story revolved around the making, preparation, and consumption of my second favorite debauchery, food? Right again. Jade (love her name) owns and runs a restaurant while dealing with the matters of the heart. Bryce (REALLY couldn’t stand this fool) is an idiot who messed up but can’t get over Jade. Milan is her best friend and Bria is her restaurant/business partner. As with most good reads, the main character is surrounded by a cast of characters that may or may not be good for her. As I write this I can’t but keep asking myself WHY I enjoyed this book so much? I know it’s probably not a big deal to you but for me it’s like… like… me enjoying a vegan burrito. I just don’t see how in the hell I would enjoy it. But I did.

I think I liked it so much because it was truly very entertaining and had that extra spice to hold my interest even though it’s not my normal type of read. There are also twenty pages of recipes at the end of this book that are like the perfect desert ending. And, almost as if they were written just for me, there are a number of delicious shrimp recipes. A brotha’ loves himself some seafood! As the manager of an indie bookstore I would love to host Shamara on her book tour if she ever makes it to California; one condition. She brings some of her food delights to her book signing. Seriously, do not pass this book up because I think if you read it, you’ll come away with the same feeling as me. Ahhhh…



  1. I always enjoy reading your reviews. Now after reading your review I am getting very hungry and my stomach is literally growling! I love seafood too. I will have to read this one!

  2. Thank you Cheryl! Yeah... book, seafood, women... only in a perfect world could I always have all three!