Wednesday, March 16, 2011

'Deep Throat Diva' By Cairo

There are some book titles that tell you nothing about the book. There are some book titles that give you clues as to what the book is about. There are also book titles that are very misleading. Then there are those titles that tell you EXACTLY what a book is about. This story here is the latter. If you’ve read any of Cairo’s past work then you know to expect some insanely hot and crazy sex. ‘Deep Throat Diva’ surpasses them all. Yes it’s as graphic and in your face as you would expect from Cairo but what made this book “better” for me was the storyline.

Pasha is a bone fide dime with a very nasty habit. Drugs? No. Alcohol? Nope, (but it does involve swallowing). Smoking? Sorta, but not really. Food? You wish. No, this chick is addicted to giving blowjobs! I’m totally not kidding. Her man is locked down for four years and she doesn’t want to give up the ill na-na but she has to, no MUST, feed her high sexual craving. So she decides to give bj’s to random men she picks off the internet. You know how people say “he must think he’s god’s gift to the world”? Well Pasha must be the devil’s gift to the brothas’ because her head game is B.A.D!! While this book isn’t a sex manual, there are a few sex scenes where you might feel the need to get a pen and pad and take some damn notes! When I say Pasha is hooked on mushrooms, I don’t mean the kind that comes on your pizza! She even has her own website to help her out, and some of the ads she posts…damn! I heard Penthouse Letters is suing for plagiarism.

When her (idiot/controlling) wanna-be-thug-life-boyfriend is released from jail Pasha must find a way to curb her hunger or there will be hell to pay. Think she can do it? I thought she could (not) but she does try, and though her mind is set to the task she must deal with serious drama cause by her wandering tongue. Cairo paints a very graphic picture of a woman that usually only resides in the dirtiest and nastiest of dreams. While her insatiable appetite brings unmentionable (actually… the fellas mention it pretty loudly) to the men she encounters, it proves to bring nothing but pain. How much pain and hurt will she suffer before she shuts down the “over four billion” served slogan?

I’ve looked at some of the past reviews of Cairo’s novels and a lot of people have taken issue with the tons of pure explicit sex in his books. Yeah… well… this one is just like them. So if you have a problem with words that arouse and sentences that cause things to harden, the pretend you’re Jay-Z and move on to the next one. This one isn’t for you. For those of you who like Cairo but had a problem with the flow of his books because they were all about the sex, give this one a shot. I sincerely think you’ll like it.


Monday, March 14, 2011

'Toys' by James Patterson and Neil McMahon

God creates man. Man creates science. Science proves there is no God. Man believes science. Science becomes God. Science creates enhanced man. Man creates enhanced toys. Enhanced man has enhanced ego, changes name to ‘Elite’. Toys do the same. Elite man and elite toys annihilate original man. Elite man and elite toys co-exists on every level. Socially, privately, sexually. Original man is an afterthought. Original man was not eliminated. Elite man plans another annihilation of original man. Original man says no. Elite man says yes. Toys say yes. Original man smiles and says come get us bitches. Elite man smiles as he prepares. The Toys smile and they prepare. But after the smoke clears, the blood congeals, and bodies rot, who will be left standing?


Thursday, March 10, 2011

'Eat. Sleep. Read.' April Fool's Day Contest!

April Fool’s Day is on the way and we would like to see how creative and silly you can be with your Eat. Sleep. Read. t-shirts. The contest is simple:

1) Take a picture incorporating your ESR t-shirt. 2) Make it funny. Make it silly! The funnier and sillier the better! You aren’t required to wear your ESR t-shirt but it must be clearly displayed in the picture.

I will post the pictures on Russo’s Books FaceBook page and my FaceBook page on Friday, April 1st, 2011. The picture(s) with the most “likes” and/or “comments” on these two pages will be the winner. The public will have three days to vote for their favorite picture. Voting for pictures will close on Sunday, April 3rd, 2011 at midnight. There will be a 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place winner. You are welcome to use as many people as you like in the picture, however, only one GC will be awarded to the winning picture(s).


-Deadline for pictures to be submitted is midnight Thursday, March 31st, 2011.

-Pictures may be submitted ONLY to Jason Frost –

-Pictures must be family friendly.

-Winners will be notified via e-mail and prize must be picked up within TWO WEEKS or they will be forfeit.

-How the winner(s) will be determined: the picture with the most “likes” and/or “comments” on Russo’s Books FaceBook page and Jason Frost’s FaceBook page will win.

-Only two entries per e-mail.

-If the rules are not followed your picture(s) will be disqualified.

-1st place winner - $15 Russo’s Books gift certificate.
-2nd place winner - $10 Russo’s Books gift certificate.
-3rd place winner - $5 Russo’s Books gift certificate.

-This contest is open to everyone who is a “fan” of Russo’s Books FaceBook page and/or a “friend” of Jason Frost on FaceBook. Walk-in or in-store customers are welcome to play as well. Out of state winner(s) will receive their GC via USPS mail.

-Anyone can vote but (obviously) you must be a “fan” or Russo’s Books or a “friend” of Jason Frost to do so. Just add us, we’re really friendly.

-You are free to forward, pass, e-mail, text, blog this contest and/or your picture entries in order to have your friends and family vote.

-If you are out of state and do not have a shirt, please contact me. Local folks just stop by Russo's Books. 9000 Ming Avenue - Suite I-4 - Bakersfield, CA - 93311

-Contest starts on Friday, March 11th, 2011.

-This contest will be run by Jason Frost. Any questions, comments, inquiries should be directed to him. is the best way.

-Good luck and above all… HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

'Altar of Bones' by Phillip Carter

If you have any doubt about whether or not to read this book; stop. Just do it. This is one heck of a damn good book! I enjoy books that “lead” you in one direction and then switchback so hard your spine cracks. ‘Altar of Bones’ is a puzzle of a thriller that will keep you up late for many nights. Course, if you’re a fast reader it’ll keep you up hours. What you have here is a fast paced book that interweaves history and fiction with the infamous bad boys of the Cold War, the Russians. They have heard a rumor that there is a very real “fountain of youth” somewhere in Siberia. They know it’s near a lake, they know this lake has a waterfall; they know the lake is in the middle of nowhere, but they don’t know it all…

Zoe has no idea she’s the last in an ancient and storied line of the “Keepers”. All women, all with strong physical features, all tasked with keeping a deadly secret, and all apparently horny. This adventure starts off in San Francisco, jumps back in time to a brutal prison camp in Norilsk, Siberia, then to present-day Texas. Ry is a black ops guy on a sabbatical of sorts when he runs into Zoe. Luck or fate? There is so much to this book. A Louisiana gumbo of secret signs, hidden clues, brutal hit men, sexual tension thrown in for good measure, and enough suspense and action to make Avery Books happy. This altar of bones is rumored to have unimaginable power but no one truly knows if it’s real or just a myth. Despite not knowing 100%, a few evil souls feel that it’s worth killing over. And kill they do. The players in this puzzle are some of the most demented leaders the world has known. Yes, they are world leaders and if that doesn’t impress and shock, then you’ll be severely impressed when you read how the assassination of JFK and death of Marilyn Monroe play into this story.

Somehow by some lining up of the cosmos I (without choice) seem to pick a reading theme at the start of every year. 2011 seems to be the year of the thriller because I’ve read some that are total bad-ass! This one fits in that group.