Monday, March 14, 2011

'Toys' by James Patterson and Neil McMahon

God creates man. Man creates science. Science proves there is no God. Man believes science. Science becomes God. Science creates enhanced man. Man creates enhanced toys. Enhanced man has enhanced ego, changes name to ‘Elite’. Toys do the same. Elite man and elite toys annihilate original man. Elite man and elite toys co-exists on every level. Socially, privately, sexually. Original man is an afterthought. Original man was not eliminated. Elite man plans another annihilation of original man. Original man says no. Elite man says yes. Toys say yes. Original man smiles and says come get us bitches. Elite man smiles as he prepares. The Toys smile and they prepare. But after the smoke clears, the blood congeals, and bodies rot, who will be left standing?



  1. Oh wow this a new book by Patterson? I never heard of this one.

  2. Ive just finished reading this and it was an Interesting Book , very Dystopian like. Must have been the writing influence of Neil McMahon. Im a new follower