Saturday, April 2, 2011

'Gotta Have It'. Edited by: Rachel Kramer Bussel

69. The most famous number in the sexual/erotic world. Just saying it conjures up images of pure, uninhibited sexual bliss. Mutual satisfaction, slurping and sucking, and that guilty look you give your lover when you’re in public and that number just happens to come up. Guilty because you just did it, or guilty because you’re thinking of doing it. Either way, 69 causes heat and emotions like few numbers can. Rachel’s books are the same way, and ‘Gotta Have It’ is yet another in this sexy lady’s dominance in the written erotic world.

In this book there are 69 very short stories of every sexual abandon you can think of. And when I say “short” I do mean SHORT. If memory serves the longest story in here was about three pages long. Most are 1.5 – 2 pages long. But man do they pack a punch. I will say that I felt that some were *too* short. Just when I was working up a good ummm…head of steam, it would end. But that was OK because the next story would begin and my head of steam would begin to boil once again.

I usually list my favorite stories in the erotic collections I read but there were so many in this one why bother? I don’t have an e-reader, but if I did I would definitely double-buy this book so that I could always have it with me. I’m telling you, the stories inside this book are about as sexual and carnal as nude water nymph being spanked. Feel like playing dress up Rachel?

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