Friday, May 13, 2011

'Short Strokes' by Richard Moore

‘Short Strokes’ is a very quick read that is something like a literary sexual sketch comedy.  Meaning this isn’t one story but rather a bunch of quick, short, amazingly erotic short stories with overtly sexual art.  VERY good sexual art I might add.  Just to give you an idea as to what is in this book: an interview with a bounty hunter, first contact with an alien species, a maze, a “silent” cartoon, and a spy.  But what all these smidgetts of sex have in common is the meticulous drawing and the dream inducing eroticism.  Want to see what happens when you combine a dragon with allergies, a patient voluptuous maiden, and a sense of humor?  It’s in here.

With the exception of this one, all of the sexual graphic novels I’ve read have been one story.  It was nice to read one that changed it up and did such a good job at it.  Richard has a very good sense of humor.   So much so, that as I’m writing this review I keep flipping back to the last page of the “First Contact” story.   Cracks me up!  Getting his next book is a no brainer and he gives a new meaning to the phrase “laughing hard”!


Thanks to this adult toys store for providing this erotic book for my 'Short Strokes' review.

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  1. You are right Jason, I need to get this one. I am going to get it!