Thursday, June 16, 2011

'33 A.D.' by David McAfee

This book was GOOD!  But no matter how I try and word it I can’t get over how crazy the premise is.  “Vampires put a hit out on Jesus”.  No, really.  (see, that’s what I mean).  As cheesy as that sounds, that’s what it is.  Of course there’s more to this story than that, but still.  This story takes place the last few days of Jesus’ time on earth.  He’s the “young messiah” that is getting on the vampire’s last damn nerves and he has to go.  The Council of 13 vampires has picked a 900 year old vampire assassin to do the job and this fool thinks it will be an easy job… aw man.

We all know the story of the crucifixion, but one of the fascinating things is how David fits the usual gang of characters into a truly unique story.  Judas is pictured as a punk and Pilate is the classical “I’m going to wash my hands of this” Prefect.  But one of the scenes in this book that still stands out is the conversation between Jesus and Theron.  Don’t worry I won’t spoil it, but it was… chilling. 

David weaves pretty good back stories in here as well.  The unlawful love between Mary and the Roman soldier.  The disgusting “lost ones”.  They prove there are fates worse than death.  The interesting history of these particular vampires and how even in the vampire world, politics rule.  As you read this story you wonder, with the inclusions of the vampires, will the events leading up the death of Jesus change.  At least I did.  The historical events are still there it’s just they now have another form of bloody evil to deal with. 

This vampire story will sate your thirst for blood, entertain you with an evil as old as mother earth herself, and pull you through the pages like joints on a rack.  Although the crucifixion is long past, I hope the telling of this story isn’t.



  1. Great review. Very interesting thought/spin behind the hows of the crucifixion.

  2. Great review, I might have to switch from my usual hardboiled noir to Vampire stories.