Thursday, June 16, 2011

'Go The Fuck To Sleep' by Adam Mansbach

First: believe the hype.  Every.  Single.  Bit.  When the buzz started on this book I just took it in stride.  I’m around books all day and I can’t tell you the number of rep. e-mails I get saying that this book is “the one”.  Like they some literary version of Neo.  Can’t tell you the number of book blogs I read that gush over some obscure indie title.  Can’t tell you the number of tweets I read that inform me that I need to “broaden my horizons” and read this tome.  I hear it all day, every day and as most parents will tell you (the ones that are being honest), you have to tune out the excessive noise. 


somehow, the buzz came through on this one.  Aside from the title that jumps out and grabs you by the throat, what was it about this book?  Let me tell you… it’s EVERYTHING about this book!  Then when I heard that Samuel L. Jackson did the audio version, it was like winning the lottery… twice.  In one I get a phat check every year for twenty-six years, and the other I get a phat Jeep Rubicon every year for twenty-six years.  

This book is truly everything that you would expect from this book.  Funny as hell.  Bawdy as hell.  Rude as hell.  Controversial as hell.  Raising hell.  And WTF hell!?!  Some of the greatest inventions have been the ones that make us say “I’ve thought of that”.  This is such an invention (if you will).  Most parents (again, the ones that are being honest) have thought this.  A LOT!  I would venture that most of them are fathers that want their child to “GTFTS” so that they can get some.  Popcorn is good but nothing when compared to… well you know.  

You need to buy this book…twice.  Once for you to read to your kids and then again so you can have Sam Jackson read it to you.  How they got Sam I don’t know but if ever there was a perfect voice/personality for this book, then Sam is it.  “GTFTS” is not for everyone.  Don’t be offended, be amused.


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