Saturday, June 18, 2011

My dreams from the other night...

Last night I woke up from a pretty weird dream.  I told myself in 2011 I would take notes anytime I had a strange night time movie in my head, but yesterday was the first time.  Not sure why I did last night, not sure why I’m sharing it with you but here it is…
I was walking around my books store doing what I normally do and I saw a white couple in the kids section, and for some reason we were selling clothes.   They were sitting on the floor with a camera.  I didn’t think anything of it but then I noticed an old school network TV camera next to the guy.  ‘Strange’, I thought but I didn’t bother with it.  I continue my walk around the store as it’s almost time to close.  Anyone that has worked retail will tell you that 5 minutes before you close is when all the “hanger-outers” show up.  People who don’t want to spend any money but just come to waste your time.  So I make my rounds to let them know that it’s time to close.

This is when I notice that the doors won’t close, nor lock.  FUCK!  So I get the packing tape (yeah, I said tape) to lock them up.  They don’t so I head to the back for something else.  That’s when I notice the couple in the kids section acting weird and looking at me funny.  I go over there and the woman is buck ass naked!  Not a stitch of clothes on her!  I look around trying to figure out what to do next and I decided to do what most men would.  I dropped and started eating her pussy.  The camera is there but I don’t care.  All I know is that she has the best tasting pussy ever and it’s shaved the way I like it.  She apparently likes it because she does that back arch that women do when you’re licking that spot just right.  I add a few fingers to the party and she’s in pussy eating bliss.  For some reason I stop because I still knew that I had a store to close.  I told her to wait and I would be right back.

I go to the front and the store is still full so I start to get mean and say “get out, everyone get out”.  They thought I wanted to close and get home.  Nope, I wanted to close and get back to that pussy.  I see four black skater/BMX boys in the corner and I think “what the hell are they doing in here, this is a bookstore”?  Hehehehehehe! (oh shut up it’s a dream and a fucking joke).  They’re reading magazines and when I tell them to get out they do that “who does he think he is mumble” as they walk out the store.  I close the doors and… wake up.  I post a “what the hell kinda dream was that” on FaceBook and proceed to fall back to sleep.  Oh, the couple in the kids section was gone (of course) so I try to think about me eating that woman’s pussy to fall back to sleep.  Not sure what this dream is supposed to mean… maybe I’ll ask Electa.

I fall back to sleep…

For me, a two dream night is rare but my mind must have been in one of them “how can I fuck with him this time”? moods.  This time I’m at a playground in the middle of The Field of Dreams and I’m looking up at an 18-20 foot concrete pillar.  I want to say totem pole but there was no totem.  I proceed to take my stupid ass up this pole using only my legs and arms.  I get to the top and sit.  Just sit.  People pass and don’t look up because I guess for them, seeing a black man sitting on top of a 18-20 foot concrete pole is somehow normal.  I sit there until dusk until this kid walks up and ask me how I’m going to get down.  Huh?  How the fuck should I know dumbass!?  He leaves and I wonder how I’m going to get down.  This is where it gets foggy, I don’t remember if I jump or climb back down.  Either way I get down and wake up.

I might have to start writing down my dreams from now on.  Or not.


  1. You think that's unique? Damn, I see black men all the time on 20 foot concrete poles....most jump...or wake up.

  2. I think you and I both need to revaluate what we eat at night.

  3. Jason, you are so funny. I laughed out loud when you said "get out, everyone get out". You should keep track of all of your dreams and write a book. I'd buy it!