Sunday, July 3, 2011

'The Devil Colony' by James Rollins

I have read numerous books by Mr. Rollins but never one in the Sigma Force series. With all the talk about this being his best novel and how his crazed fans have waited two years for a follow up, I figure now was as good time as any.  And it was.  I’m a sucker for this genre and Rollins writes it like I’ve never read it.  I’ve said before that I don’t like reading history unless it’s wrapped in fiction, and this book is a big fat breakfast bacon burrito!  The founding of this country has ALWAYS been awash in conspiracy theories, myth, and secret societies.  ‘The Devil Colony’ plows through on the premise that this country was founded with the help of the very culture we almost wiped out, the Native Americans. 

The scope of this novel is vast!  Take Lewis & Clark, Egyptians, Hebrew text, the Founding Fathers, nano-technology, Yellowstone, a super-secret society, black OPS, and mix them up you’ll get this book.  Like I said earlier, I have read Rollin’s other work so I expected the same breathless pace.  It was definitely here but in a different spirit.  I’m one of those guys that don’t go all “ADHD” if I don’t read a series in order because if a story is good, then it’s just that GOOD!  I can catch up with their history once I catch my breath from their present. 

So, ‘The Devil Colony’ is a story about a hidden artifact/secret that has roots that date back to BEFORE the thirteen (+1) colonies.  Yes, if found this secret will devastate mankind.  Yes, if found the world will end.  What is fun about this book is HOW it will happen.  How a secret so ancient could be based on a technology not even fully understood yet is brilliant.  How the wisdom of the ancient Native Americans baffles the greatest minds of today makes you wonder if their frightening myths are not just myths after all. 

Unfortunately, despite their ingenious cryptic clues, a secret society is close to gaining access to that clue; and they will stop at nothing to get to it.  Innocent lives don’t exist in their vocabulary.  So it becomes a race.  A race to find the hidden spot, a race to decipher the language, a race to stay ahead of the assassins, and a race to stop the world from blowing the hell up.  Faithful fans that have followed Sigma from jump will spend two days (or less) in heaven with their friends.  “New” fans like me will go back and add a few past Sigma novels to their wish list.  So bye.


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